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Plus size mat clothes - Evolution or revolution??

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02/10/2008 at 15:56

Hi all,

In my ongoing hunt for plus size maternity clothes, I have found a couple of really nice sites offering good quality clothes at affordable prices.,

I have bought some clothes from Bump 4 Joy, and they are really nice; they came really quickly too!

I am very surprised how attitudes towards larger women (pregnant or not) have evolved to being friendly towards larger mums.

Hope this helps some ladies!

Sonia xx

03/10/2008 at 10:32

Thanx i have found it so hard to get plus size maternity clothes where they r affordable and not bank braking lol.

I went to dorothy perkins and got mine as they do up 2 a size 20 and they have the pull elastic band on them which is great, they cost me £22 which aint bad and they should do me right the way through, well fingers crossed lol. xxxx

06/10/2008 at 21:00

Hi, i found it very hard too, and i talked to several mums to be who needed plus size clothes and they found it a problem as well, i feel you have to do a lot of detective work to manage to find plus size maternity clothes at affordable prices, as the shops we all know (the high street names) dominate the market, but there are lots of smaller, less well known sellers who are slowly becoming more popular. These tend to charge less for the garments, as they have to compete with the larger companies; you really need to spend time researching them!

Hope your trousers are fine and fit well. The denim jeans that I bought from Bump 4 Joy fit me very well, and are very well made. I also bought a smart white blouse and a pair of pyjamas which I am extremely happy with.


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