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Pregnant after a miscarriage

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06/07/2008 at 06:35

Hi Ladies,

 I had a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks they told me that my baby had died at 7 weeks. this was my first time pregnant, me and my husband will be trying again soon we are both feeling very scared incase this happens again. while in hospital the doctors mentioned that they throught i may have had a molar pregnancy which as now become an added worry for us both. i have been feeling very low in mood and can not stop crying, it is so nice to know that there are web sites like this so you can talk to other ladies in the same boat. has anyone else had any experience with molar pregnancy. i will not find out untill 4 weeks time if i have had a molar pregnancy.   


13/07/2008 at 20:33


im so sorry to hear that!! i went through the same as you last year. i miscariage at about 11 weeks and they told me my baby only grew for the 1st 8 weeks. the midwife scaned me and said the had a bunch of cells near my pregnancy sack which was a molar pregnancy. they took me and my husband in to a small room to have a chat and to tell me i had to have an op right away to remove the cells and test them for cancer!! at this point after that word i didnt hear anything else it was lucky my husband was there to take in the information. so two days later i had the op it was only a day thing and i was taking care of very well. but i also had to wait 4 weeks for the results and it was right on top of christmas. i got my results back and i was in the clear. and everything back to normal. now im pregnant again im 9 weeks and so scared. my throughs are with you. x

14/07/2008 at 02:48

Hi emmalou,

Thank you for your kind words. it as now been 4 weeks since i had my miscariage and i am beginning to come out of that dark cloud, all i can think about is what if this happens again and it prevents me from having any children. Have the hospital been monitoring you more because of your past molar pregnancy and how long did you have to wait untill you tried again for another baby. 

i wish you all the luck with your pregnanacy. x     

f a
17/11/2010 at 14:22
Ive just had a delayed miscarriage after having my son 16 years ago no problem and now me and my husband got pregnant had an emergency scan at 4 weeks we saw a yolk sac returned 6 weeks saw heart beat ok the had bleeding saw doctors over tuesday weds and thurs said it might not be anything as cervix closed they didnt understand where blood was coming from. so our date scan was for 23/11/10 the emergency doctor on thursday night tried hard to arrange scan for friday we called scan department friday 8:30am they said they were expecting my call booked an appointment for 2;40pm I went to work as I only started a new job 1 week ago told my manager and went to hospital expecting to see a 11 week to 12 week baby not just a bean with a heart beat and kicking and stretching baby!!!!We went in the tech tried to scan on tummy said she needed to go via the inside. my husband stood next to me then because when the scan you internally your head is behind the screen my husband moved down facing the screen I was nervous and scared and the tech was taking her time and I asked her if everything was fine/ she said I just need to check a few things then I can speak ok! My husband tried to hide his concern and confusion at what was or was not on the screen. Before we entered the room I saw a poster from siemens 3d/4d scans and it showed baby scans at different stages so my husband knew that it should be a baby he could see clearly. I saw his face blank and I burst out crying in shock knowing something was wrong and apologised praying everything was fine that the tech was just doing the checks because it was referred last night emergency. The tech held my hand and said I'm so sorry but I cant detect a heartbeat I swear I didnt hear her say that at first but I did clearly but my head and heart went deaf and dumb I just cried and couldnt breath. the baby should have been 11 to 12 weeks now and its been inside for 5 to 6 weeks. she said after my 6 week scan it looks like it happened shortly after then, i tried so hard to remember what i was doing around that time if i was stressed or upset around that time or anything i just wanted a reason or to blame myself.

i felt I let my husband down and my body let me down didnt keep the baby but refused to let it go. My husband wrapped my up in cotton wool cooked cleaned drove me everywhere I took folic tablets since before may 2009 and still taking them now 17/11/10. Ate well treated as a queen before we got pregnant and even more so after we did, My husband was hurting to but his first question was is my wife and her health in any danger. He is a great man and would have been a great father and he was and is so strong for me but he is hurting after i asked him to talk to me. he said i do care but i am a man i need to be strong for you and if i let myself be weak it wont be good and i want to just take care of you.

I have a son 16 years old from a previous marriage my past life was horrific and the only good thing that came from it was my son and now i have been blesses with my husband on 4 years finally i can live a normal happy fairytale life then this happened. the baby was so wanted and loved and always will be.

We had the scan friday told options friday natural misscarriage, medical management or d&c. I was so scared and shocked and broken i was scared to naturally let it happen whenever at home and then medical management sitting on a bed pan either way i was scared to see the baby come out i would freak just so so scared like my body was a time bomb and i was not be able to hold myself together. i rushed to say yes to d&c op so they arranged pre-op tuesday and op wednesday. i went home friday 5'ish and saturday no bleeding sat on the sofa sneezed and pop went something below luckly i wore a pad and i was sat between my son and husband and i freaked silently in my mind sca
f a
01/01/2011 at 10:31
hi Ali (or anyone who has similar experience)

could i ask you how long it took you to recover from the procedure to remove the missed miscarriage? and your experience of it? At the moment i am unsure whether to use medication or surgical procedure as i am worried about the surgical treatment damaging the womb and make future pregnancy difficult. If any one used medication could you please let me know how long it took for the bleeding to stop and whetehr you were able to work while it was going on? any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much
11/08/2011 at 13:57
having a miscaridge can be very hard to deal with, not only was i just at the age of 16, it wasn't even planed. me and my partner of one year was not expecting anything like this to happen.
Although i was very young my family all had their own opinions, i only had my boyfriend for support, i know its wrong too but i do blame my family a lot for the lose of our baby. when we found out me and my partner decided to keep it quiet for a few days,because we knew what everyone reactions was going to be like. when we told my mum together all hell burst,
my mum took me straight down the clinic and told me that i had no choice but to get rid of it and get back to normal.
me and my partner are both strongly against aborting a baby.
we both believed that something like this happened for a reason, so we did stand up to everyone and told them that we are going to keep the baby.
every other day i had people from school asking me questions and i could feel everyone talking about it all. It all got to me when id been out one day with a group of friends and my boyfriend, i brought my mum some flowers to say thank you for her support and for her to be coming round to it all and letting me have a choice for my own body.
But...when we ddi get back my mum was in tears of anger and went apsolutley mental, little did i know that ben (my mother's step father) had been round all day,
dont like to judge but ben can be very hush with words and also he believed that having this baby would bring a lot of stress for my mum. when really she had 2 younger children of her own that i myself look after them both that much, that they both called me mummy out of confusing.
when the miscaridge happened everyone in both our families just acted like nothing happened . they all seemed pretty much happy again.

i am still angry to this day, and i still blame my families for the lose of our baby.
19/10/2012 at 11:36
Hi I have never spoken about my miscarriage it happened over 3yrs my baby died at 6 wks but I had to have 2 lots of surgery cause some was missed so all up I carried my baby for a further 2 1/2 mths it's been a daily struggle I think about my baby everyday and the hurt is still there my partner and I have never spoken of it I have been dealing with this on my own plz help what can I do to take this pain away
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