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Stretch Marks!!

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29/10/2007 at 11:26

hi girls,

im 32 weeks pregnant and have been using bio oil pretty much everyday but noticed horrible red/purple marlks appering on my lower tummy and hips...i know its pretty patehtic but feel really down about it as im only 24...can anyonme recomend a better oil- and are more exp oils like decloer/clairins/and elemis any better??

do they go or will they stay forever??!!

 help pls!!

29/10/2007 at 11:38

I'm not sure anything can prevent stretch marks.  The good news is that they will fade over time to a silver colour.  I have a lot on my belly from my last pregnancy, and I wear them with pride.  As long as you're confident, it won't stop you wearing hipsters and bikinis.  Basically, the best I can suggest is to feel comfortable about your stretchies and yourself, they are a part of your life history.

Good luck with your pregnancy



29/10/2007 at 14:49
thanks steff for your advise i know im pathetic but i guess silver colour is better than red angry red ones! i dont mind as much its only peole been saying to me ' well at least you ahvent got stretch marks' ..untill now!!
29/10/2007 at 15:14
Don't worry, I'm the shallowest person I know.  I'm still trying to do my bikini line and paint my toenails at 40+6!   Like anyone cares what I look like in the delivery room, but I'd be mortified if I didn't try!  And DH has strict instructions to pack my straighteners if I have to stay in. 
30/10/2007 at 08:18

I'm using Palmers Stretch Mark Lotion stuff in the hope it may prevent them further down the line, If I can get as much of that stuff on now maybe it'll work!! lol (That's my theory anyway!) I'm only 8+3 today and not wanting any in the summer

Hope baby comes soon for you Steff!! x

30/10/2007 at 08:28

Hi All,

 When I went to see a physio before Blob came along she said that some women are just more prone to stretch marks, and you guessed it I'm one of them. I already have a few, not pregnancy related just where I've had growth spurts in the past, but they're all silver now. I've been using Palmers as well, so fingers crossed that'll help. I think the main thing is to moisturise, but if it's going to happen it will and just keep using the lotion to help them fade.

 Sorry if that's not a lot of help, one of my friend's swore by Palmers and said that hers were barely visible they'd faded so much. Also someone else who has had a few moles removed used Bio oil and they said that was good.

 Take care,

 Becs & Blob 13 + 2 

30/10/2007 at 09:58

hi girls -

thanks for the advice! i guess all i can do is continue witht he bio oil in eveinings and start using the palmers in the morinigns and fingers crossed.  I also heard it was genetic- my mother never got any nor has she got a scar from the cerasrian but has good skin- ie doesnt even ned to moisturise! oh well at least silvery is not as bad! i wonder how the celebs get away with it lol!??

good luck with the pregnancies and steff- sounds like your ready to pop anyday now-0 if not already!!

eva xx

30/10/2007 at 16:00

Hi Eva

I've been using the Therapy massage bar from Lush on my bump,  boobs and hips - I'm 22 weeks and I don't think I've got any new lines yet!  I'm an 'old' new mum too,  so perhaps it helps as my skin won't be as peachy as yours.  It smells lovely and has lavender in it (but not too much - this is the bar they recommend for mums) so it's soothing before bed.  You'll be snoozing,  not worrying about stretchmarks!

I also make sure I get enough omega EFA / DHA oils every day,  I used to get eczema and 'internal' moisturing really seemed to help. 

Hope that's some use,  at the end of the day you're gorgeous and glowing anyway so don't worry about it!


30/10/2007 at 18:57

Hey to the lady above i tried palmers cream and it really didnt work, i used it from the early stages but by the time i was 35 weeks i stopped and switched to bio oil that works much better than palmers. (i think anyway)

I still ahve the stretch marks though but they re slowly fading away and im now 40 weeks, i shall continue to use it after the birth aswell...

Good luck ladies xx

30/10/2007 at 22:36

hi all

eva i know exactly what u mean im 36+3 ( i think) my basic math skills have left me lol, and im 23 this is my first baby and i keep getting tearful over the fact that my upper thighs are covered with the things.

i started off with cocoa butter oil until the smell put me off...then graduated to olive oil which is supposed to be real good...but i smelt like a frying pan so i stopped. and i have been using bio oil for the past 5 months...its slightly smelly...but it keeps the skin nice and soft...

 tell the truth tho i dont think theres is anything out there to stop em of my friends who had her baby in august said her stretch marks appeared after giving birth wen her womb was contracting....go figure.

after birth tho id suggest pure vitamin E oil it does wonders for scars and stretchmarks etc.  its important u dont use it before tho coz apparently it soaks into the skin and can cause an increase in the womb lining which cud lead to placenta retention....i read this by the way i dont actually kno sorri if im scaremongering.

steff- wow 40 +6 i hope the bubba comes soon....

31/10/2007 at 10:13

thanks melissa- yes i think its genetics- also i heard that stretch marks come after the birth too/ and ob the rapid weight loss etc...ive accepeted that if they happen they happen all i can do is carry on iwth the bio oil! i was speaking to a lady in my office and she said shes tried all the posh ones like Elemis and even the strevectin one that cost £150 and it was crap and says bio oil is the best!

also heard almond oil is good- i used the one from neals yeard which is £12- the organic one, and i also vitamin e capsules if you break them but that seems long! i even heard plain old baby oil is good- god there are so many its hard to know- trial and error i guess!! im not sure if i can do anyhting abou the ones that have apperard-- am using body shops stretch mark improver cream its £16 but going to give it a go!!

02/11/2007 at 12:54

Hi all,

I am 38 weeks today and feel very lucky to say that I dont have any stretch marks (yet). I used baby oil for the first 5 months or so but now use the Palmers cocoa butter stuff.

I do think that it is all down to the elasticity of your skin though and whatever you use it will make no difference if your skin in not very elastic.  My mum has bad stretch marks so I was convinced I would get them but I have been lucky so far.

 Like others have said, be proud of them, they have appeared because you are giving life to another person.  Thats something to be proud of.

Kelly x

03/11/2007 at 16:47
hiya...def use the japanese camillia oil its gr8 cuz it has plant collegin in it i use it. all the best. x  
03/11/2007 at 16:49
hiya...def use the japanese camillia oil its gr8 cuz it has plant collegin in it i use it. all the best. leanne  x
04/11/2007 at 20:30

Hi all,

I actually also heard that moisturisers with Vitamin E in can cause placenta retention. I am going to continue using it for now as I am only 11 weeks but I think when I get to about 20 weeks I will only use it on my boobs. I'm not sure if that bio oil has vit E in. I will have to have a look. But I already have faded stretch marks from growth spurts but they have faded so I have resigned myself to the fact that I am prone to get them. It's just something I'll have to live with.


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