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Sushi during pregnancy

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18/01/2007 at 16:26
I want to take my wife out for dinner for her birthday, and her fave food is sushi. However, she's 5 months pregnant.

Is it safe to eat sushi in pregnancy?

21/01/2007 at 00:15
I don`t think it is safe to eat but I may be wrong. Just when you pregnant they tell you to throughly cook food & sushi is like uncooked fish as far as I know. Can you not get her midwife number or phone GP or NHS direct to be sure first?
I hope she has a lovely birthday!!
22/01/2007 at 09:16
Thanks for the response, Claire. I actually ended up taking her to a Moroccan restaurant, as you're right - she couldn't eat sushi.
22/01/2007 at 14:48
Hi For future she can have the veg version. I had it in a japanesse bar the other day was lovely. Not the same tho..
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4 messages
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