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16/12/2006 at 11:53
Hi I am 8 weeks pregnant with baby #4, and am really pushing for a vbac this time. All my previous deliveries were c sections, 1st was due to baby being breech, 2nd was an emergancy and 3rd was planned. DH and I looked in depth before trying for this baby and both feel we would like to try a vbac. My mw is very supportive but in the end the decision lies with my consultant who I saw last time, I know he is a very honest, kind and supportive man. My mw said he would probably support me as long as there are no reasons medically that would make it dangerous, but if he said no there would be no shifting his decision which is fair enough.

Is there anyone out there who has got vbac stories good or bad or just any advice for me?

Thanks xx
12/02/2007 at 17:21
Hello, I am new to this forum.

I can tell you that I know of a lady who had a VBA3C last year. I met her through a different forum and we have loads of VBACs and also some VBA2Cs as well.

Your best chance of a VBA3C, or any VBAC, or in fact a normal birth, is to wait for labour to start spontaneously and avoid any unecessary augmentation. Mother's get 'offered' a lot of interventions which are not really necessary. When offered a procedure it is wise to ask the HCPs to provide some research based evidence to back them up, because many things are done because 'that's the way we do it here'. However, we are all individuals as are our babies and we don't all conform to the norm.

EG, some women might not dilate past 4cms for 20 hours and then all of a sudden will be fully dilated over the next 2 hours. This is because baby is slowly rotating from a posterior position into a good OA position and then presses on the cervix aiding full dilation. So this means that Failure To Progress (Failure to be Patient more like!) may have been diagnosed and a CS performed.

The success rate for women opting for VBAC is, in fact, around 75%, which is the same as the chance of a first time mum having a VB.

Uterine Rupture is a very real but TINY risk and it is best to have done your research about birth to give yourself a great chance of success. UR rates for VBAC are around 0.7%, less if you are not induced etc, and only 0.9% for births after multiple CS. So your odds are great!

I can provide you with links and evidence based research if you wish to help you to plan for your VBA3C.

Best of luck!

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