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20/02/2008 at 23:01

Hi Everyone, i'm pretty new on here, but thought i would put this forward.....

Has anyone noticed how dull the current designs are for new baby prams??

I've been looking lately as i'm due in 3 mths and i cant believe how dull the colour schemes are!! Whatever happened to nice light colours as opposed to all the black, navy and brown thats out there!!

Sorry to moan on my first post but does anyone else think the same??




29/02/2008 at 17:39
I agree with you 100%
Me and my boyfriend have been looking now and again for pushchairs/prams, I will never but my baby in anything even close to black, but most of the pushchairs are charcol, black, brown, navy or silly colours like bright blue or red...
I'd like to see the pushchairs that are creams, light browns, or even pastel colours....
But alot of the prams for newborns nowadays are funny shaped and extremely ugly looking.
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2 messages
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