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Any recommendations for good maternity underwear?

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13/12/2005 at 09:17
Hi everyone, I have hardly any time to go and buy maternity bras and knickers but am at the stage where I really need to. Does anyone have good recommendations for brands?

I'm usually 36C but I know I need a 38 and probably a D cup now, so support is reasonably high on the list.

I've looked in the product review but sadly there are no reviews of underwear yet, maybe people don't think others would find it useful but I would right now.

Thanks for any help!
15/12/2005 at 10:28
Last time around I had some maternity underwear from Blooming Marvellous which was good. I cant remember what style name but I don't think there's much choice anyway as far as I remember Scribbler.

Also got some Elle McPherson undies as a present from a girlfriend and they were lovely. really comfy and not at all frumpy.

Now I just have to remember where I put them all for this time around!
15/12/2005 at 12:28
Hi Scribbler. I'm usually a 38 and with my first (he's three now)I discovered that I quickly had to ditch my underwired bras. Lots of books advise that they're not great for the changes your breasts are going through to prepare for milk production. However, when I mentioned it to my doctor, she didn't know anything about it. To be honest, they started to feel to restricting anyway.
Yes, you usually do go up a size at least, but everyone's different. Try some on and see what's comfortable for you.
I just bought myself some feeding bras that would do for after the birth too. But if you want to treat yourself then you can get a new bra now in the bigger size now and wait until after your baby's born to get at least a couple of feeding bras (they get pretty milky so you need a standby while one's in the wash!). Feeding bras are usually cotton rather than the more synthetic style of regular bras. Despite my best intentions with breast pads, I barely touched the 200-pack I'd bought as I found them too uncomfortable, especially in the first few weeks when feeding patterns changed and my boobs would get sore. The cotton bras really worked for me.
I got mine at Mothercare. Not the sassiest ones I've ever worn, but comfortable and easy to open with one hand, for feeding times. They were also a good price. After all, they weren't long-term investments, until I got pregnant this May!
16/12/2005 at 10:13
Thanks Sally! I ditched my underwires quite early on as I found them a bit restrictive.

My mum bought me some bigger bras a little while ago, but they're a cotton-synthetic mix and get quite itchy - not nice! I looked for some pure cotton bras last night and was a bit disappointed by the range I found in John Lewis: they had hardly anything in my size and the things they had weren't supportive enough. Mothercare had a couple of things and were good for knickers.

I did come away from John Lewis with a Royce feeding bra that's a little bit big but not much and I'm sure it'll come in useful after the birth. I'm a bit panicked about trying things in England from recommended and trusted brands while I'm here, so I can later order them online form Germany. It's all so expensive I'm reluctant to experiment.

19/12/2005 at 11:56
Just a quick update, I got a bra from Mothercare for pregnancy and it's great. Fully cotton and very comfy - thankfully no itching!
20/12/2005 at 09:51
Thanks for the tip off Scribbler, my boobs are growing already and I think I'll need a couple more of the basics soon. I've never really thought about mothercare for lingerie, so I'll take a look at what they have.
20/12/2005 at 10:10
Ditto the recommendation for the Mothercare support bra. They didn't have a huge range in the Oxford Street store, certainly compared to the website, but the basics were good.

By the way, has anyone found a good sleep bra? All the ones I've tried seem completely useless, you may as well wear a boob tube to bed for all the support they give.
30/12/2005 at 16:13
Glad to hear Mothercare have been useful. Some of the stores are a bit small but if you discover a 'Mothercare World' (not as scary as it sounds, actually!) near you, they really are useful for much larger maternity and baby ranges.
Support at night is a tricky one because you don't want to feel too trussed up. It might be better to find a good sleeping position you like and then improvise support with small pillows or cushions around you. I found with my first baby that the pillow I was using under my knee when I was laying on my side, also came in handy as a huggable support for my chest.
Hubbie felt a bit left out, though!
27/03/2006 at 09:27
Hi All!
I recently bought a couple of maternity bras from the Nurture range by Miriam Stoppard and Debenhams. They're made of a synthetic material but are incredibly comfortable and look more like a modern sports bra than a usual maternity bra. If you don't like to feel trussed up (I'm not used to wearing bras normally as I'm a 34B) try one of these - they're also fab for sleeping!
09/01/2007 at 16:37
Hi there
I can recommend Amoralia's maternity and nursing underwear. It's beautiful too. Finally something on the market that isn't frumpy and boring. Visit their website I've got Nougatine and Praline range and it makes me feel glam again! The great thing about it is that they do a the same collection for you when you're pregnant and after you've given birth - the bras just change. Check it out.
Hope you'll agree.
12/03/2007 at 17:01
I've just bought an Amoralia as well - from the Nougatine range - and it's fabulous. I was a bit worried that it might be itchy because the design and fabrics are quite feminine and delicate, but it's lined with soft cotton and fits perfectly. I'm quite a large size now (D cup) but there's no sagginess and great support. I feel more feminine and my husband loves it(!) Also, the straps are very pretty so I don't mind when they show under some of my tops etc. I would definitely recommend them.
12/04/2007 at 12:09
I didn't find the Amorelia supportive, I have to say. But it looks very pretty, definately, but did nothing for my shape. Shame.
I still love the Bravado's. I'm quite big E/F (depending on demand :)and they support me really well.
Has anyone tried their tank top? I'm thinking about getting one.
12/04/2007 at 20:18
Miranda, you answered the exact question I came on this thread to ask lol (where does good maternity bras in big sizes?)
I was 36F pre pregnancy, and have gone up a cup size so need to go shopping.
If youre looking for tops, Bravissimo is good. They have vests with secret support, jackets and blouses all cut to fit big boobs, while not being massive everywhere else.

Em x
11/12/2007 at 13:59

I think it depends on your size, I tried mothercare and even though they were lovely cotton, I didn't think the support was very good and the band seemed to rollup under my now 40DD breasts.  I found that my local M&S were the best, they measured me and I tried on a number of bras until I found a non maternity bra with no wires seemed to fit me best, plus they seemed alot cheaper than some of the bras you can find on the internet.

The only problem I find is that alot of maternity bras seem to sit higher and have bigger straps, thus any scoop neck tops show some of your bra!!

08/07/2008 at 17:38

I found that the Anita maternity crop top was great at night for those with bigger boobs, mine went to a H cup, so it felt better to  have some support at night

Try this one:

 If you want something cute- er, this one is sweet

18/06/2013 at 07:38

In such time,mother should specilly wear soft cotton underwear,which doesnt harms them nor even extra fit on the smotach as it can make you feel uneasy,and do prefer buying it from Wholesale Underwear Suppliers only.

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