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21/08/2008 at 20:01


28/08/2008 at 12:50

Hi ya

I was looking to buy a baby monitor, there was so many on the market I did not know which one to go for.  I was in in Kiddicare in Peterborough and they had this Safety 1st colour digital video monitor.  It is really good as I can see what molly is upto where ever I am in the house or garden. I can see if when she wakes up she need me straight away or if she is quite happy to just lie there. The monitor is placed on the dresser and I can zoom in and see her lovely face while she is sleeping. You can also use it past the baby stage even when they are  asleep in a bed you can see if they get out of bed and want to play.

I think it is really great and not to expensive.  They have one on their webb page. have a look

all the best


29/08/2008 at 14:08
I cant recomend the movement monitors highly enough. I have the tommee tippee one, I feel it helped me to relax that I knew my baby was sleeping safe while I was sleeping. The alarms do go off if the baby has wriggled out of range but it is rare that it fails to pick up movement. I love the sound of the video monitor but I would go for the movement one every time, maybe they will make a 2 in 1 next so you can do both.
02/09/2008 at 09:08

Thanks for that, i've not seen the tommee one, what's the name of the monitor? I'll check it out as ive only seen the angel care monitor with re to the movement sensor ones


03/09/2008 at 13:53


I had the angelcare monitor when my first baby was born in 2004 and I can definatley recomend it.  It did go off a couple of times as he got bigger and wriggled around - and gave us a heart attack every time!!  I can definatley say it is worth every penny and will be getting a new one this time around (due to have a section with my second baby 26/09!!).  The new model looks even better this time with a night light and room temp on the unit.

Have you been on the angelcare website direct?  I have looked all over the web and it is definatley the cheapest route at £74 + free delivery.

Believe me it is worth its weight in gold knowing that you can go to sleep being assured if (god forbid) anything did happen you would be alerted within 20 seconds.  We need all the sleep we can get in the 1st few months!

I used ours until my 4 year old was about 2!!  A bit over the top I know, but it didnt hurt anything and definatley kept me from worrying.

You can get the tommee one from Argos or Mothercare so you can go on their sites and have a look, i think it is a bit more expensive at about £99 and doesnt seem to have as many features  - god u would think i work for them!!!

Julie x

05/09/2008 at 12:25

I got my angel care monitor stuff from

 Its reall good because it senses when the baby stops moving and if it doesn't detect any movement it sets of a warning alarm to let you know. 

This is my 2nd so i'm abit more relaxed now but it definatly helps take away constant stress of going back and forth to baby room every 5mins checking he's alright !  

09/10/2009 at 19:58
 I bought a video monitor from this "only video monitors" website,  It's been really good, excellent bang for the buck, really high quality video.  I really liked the free shipping too....
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