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Bedtime Nappy?

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21/04/2007 at 19:45
Hi all! I am using tots bots bamboozles but now my baby boy is getting older (9wks) and sleeping longer, i have found that the nappy is stuggling for any longer than 5/6hrs without him getting wet.

It seems to seep through the leg cuffs on his wrap (motherease rikki) and gets his clothes wet. I have tried using a disposable at night but he still woke up wet! They were cheap disposables though.

I need a super absorbant nappy for when he starts sleeping through the night and just wondered what everyone uses.

I would prefer a cloth nappy but i'm not fussed.

Thanks x
21/04/2007 at 21:30
I used Pampers Baby Dry at nights & never had leaks even when full.
23/04/2007 at 11:54
Hi , im with Claza on that one , Tescos has afab offer on pampers nappies at the mo.
24/04/2007 at 11:07
Hi Sara,
Are you boosting your tots nappies? You can do this with virtually anything, such as a muslin, or an old flannel, or you can buy washable booster pads. The Rikki wrap is definately a good wrap, but if the nappy inside is absolutely soaking, it will eventually wick at the leg cuffs (it has to go somewhere!) so I'd suggest adding some layers to the nappy. It takes a bit of experimenting initially to get the combination right, but you will get there eventually. Also, I'd avoid pyjama bottoms as they tend to curl into the nappy. Either a sleepsuit, or just a pyjama top .
24/04/2007 at 11:16
Hiya Vicky, no i havnt been boosting them to be honest but i will give it a go! He's going to end up with one huge bottom!! Thanks for the advice ladies. x
30/04/2007 at 16:07
hi sara, have you tried folding your nappies differently too?? they usually have a more absorbent middle if they are like the ones i used so for boys you folded them down the creases and for girls against the crease - if that makes sense! but boosters are a good buy too, i was also able to buy some inserts that were "night time" use and they worked quite well, you can get these from lulabys, shrewsbury, they also have a web site for purchase, hope this helps you too.x
01/05/2007 at 12:07
sorry to barge in uninvited here but just wanted to help out. A good way to boost a night nappy slimly is to invest in a hemp booster- then put it in between the nappy and the wrap rather than inside the nappy. Also you could consider a nappy that is good for nights on it's own- mine are and so are the jiant nappy from jumblebums.
But if you want to keep using your own nappies then a hemp booster is the way to go.
17/07/2007 at 11:51
if your looking to buy a specific night nappy, you cant beat the bamboo kiwi quick flip
it wont need any boosting and is one of the loveliest nappies in my collection,
otherwise Catherine is right, hemp between nappy and wrap is a fab way of boosting.
Hello Cat, by the way, fancy seeing you here, i have just joined!

ps. pampers explode if too full, and did everynight on my elder son, huggies were ok if i bought a size too big...but then they leaked cloth never leaks...and has never exploded either!
17/07/2007 at 20:21
Hi Sara, another voter for cloth here. I use bamboo nappies and boost either with bamboo again, or, as Catherine mentions, hemp. It's not too bulky with those two fabrics.

My 14-month old (heavy wetter) is still using his size one tots bots bamboozle with a booster at night, or alternatively a wambamboo, also with booster. We NEVER have a night time leak with a boosted bamboo nappy but when travelling and unable to wash we almost always have leaks with a disposable.

The wary is important too though, I find that many of the wraps with cotton bindings allow the wee to seep through more easily than wraps with nylon at the binding. One of the best I've used is the popolino wrap, though I'm not a huge fan of their nappies.
17/09/2007 at 16:43

Hi there, I realise this thread is a few months old- but being a Clothie Mum I wished to impart some NIGHT NAPPY ADVICE!

I too found after a time that my tots bots weren't keeping Jacob dry at night- but i found an alternative to dispoables as overnight nappies.

I use an apparently miracle combination of- Nappies by Minki pocket nappy- and a Cotton Bottom's prefold as the 'stuffing' in the middle.  the minki nappies are FABULOUS- they are completely fleece lined- meaning nice and dry against baby's bum, (although it does bobble over time it's still softer than soggy terry next to their skin) and you just stuff the nappy pocket to your required level of absorbancy.

Even with Jacob (now 2 and half) we use them overnight with the 'Large' cotton bottom prefold inside and he's dry in the morning.

I really can't praise them enough- they are extra bulky as nappies, but under PJ's that's not the end of the world!

You can see the designs and available sizes on my fave nappy website- - I have been using the slinki minkis on both boys- a Medium size fit Benji from 3 months old (with less stuffing inside) and kept him dry through the night - and with Jacob we used the Large size from 5 months up til now- adjusting the absorbancy required as he got bigger. 

The regular minki nappies are cut VERY generously- (the Large reg Minki would easily fit Jacob until he was four or five if he was prone to the odd accident by then still) so I would recommend Slinki Minkis unless you have a chunky monkey tot

I hope that helped someone! I have even converted usually disposable mums to using a Minki at night for soggy toddlers who also get the 'exploding nappy' problem usually.

03/04/2008 at 10:03

Hi. better late than never, you never know someone else maybe dping a search on finding the right nappy for bedtime.

 I use a Bumble (made by easy peasy) at night and it's fastened by a nappy nippa. It is polyester lined to keep baby'e bum dry, the ingenius thing about a bumble is that you can pop a hemp booster in with its own booster for extra absorbancy. Hemp boosters are great as very slimline too, bumbles aren't slimline tho but they dry quick due to the polyester content, this works for me very well and lasts 12-14hrs.

03/04/2008 at 20:42
I find the wambamboo nappies fabulous for night, but they do need boosting. I use bamboo and hemp  boosters and we never have a leak, which I can't say is true of all the disposables we've tried.
03/04/2008 at 21:18

I am still using Minki Nappies for my boys at night ! I am still using the same nappies I bought for Jacob over 2 years ago for Benji

Jacob is potty trained during the day but now wears a regular standard cut Minki at night - last month he was very happy to receive a specially embroidered minki nappy with a Dalek (from Doctor Who) on the back! 

 I have upgraded to the 'toddler XL' cotton bottom's pads though for both boys - although Benji can still use a large Cb as stuffing.

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