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Bugaboo Bee Safety Brackets

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11/12/2009 at 21:53

I bought my bugaboo for the wee one in February 09 and used it happily although I did think it was a bit flimsy going round corners and I was really strict with nana and the safety strap because of this.

When my pregnant friend was researching a pushchair this summer she found a review on   that a recall because US mums had reported faulty brakes.

I looked up the site, Mindful Mum and followed the instructions to get new brake brackets and of course told all my friends who had one.

I thought it had been made public - but looks not. Anyway, you cang get your bugaboo bee brake brackets here. If you bought your buggy before May 09 you need to claim them. After that and they come with the brackets already fitted!

 Here is the site for the brake brackets -


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