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Concord Neo

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07/09/2009 at 19:21

Hi - does anyone have any experience of the concord neo stroller and car-seat? This one has really caught my eye with the unusual chassis.  I also quite like the quinny buzz 4 but my husband is adamant that this looks like a golf buggy!   Cannot find too many reviews on the concord but I think it looks reall good, and it is so compact and lightweight.

Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on this one (stollers and prams are such a minefield Im just happy to have finally found one that really like so I dont think I want to hear any bad reviews!!)

10/09/2009 at 22:29

Hi there,

I know what you mean about it being a minefield! I spent months researching prams and buggies;  I've not had a Neo but there's a thread on netmums & reviews on madeformums about them that may be worth a read (but if you don't want to see any bad reviews you might want to avoid netmums!).  Have you tried one out in the flesh & in your car? From what I've read it's not very compact, but then that depends on what you're comparing it with. I know the Buzz is very popular too, not heard many complaints about them. It all depends on what you think you're looking for in a pram or buggy. Bear in mind there are only a few models that you can collapse without removing the seat unit first (especially if in rear-facing mode) - this can be a real issue if you think you'll be using public transport at all. Another thing is the size of the shopping basket - I know it wasn't something I thought much about before I bought my first buggy but have found it very useful. Does it need good offroad capabilities? I appreciate these issues might not be relevant to you, sorry if I've been no help whatsoever!

((Just to let you know my buggy background: got a fab Loola from ebay (didn't want to buy new in case I didnt like it) and am very glad I did as I loved it. The loola showed me that for my lifestyle a decent shopping basket is useful, lockable swivel wheels a must, rear-facing is great and needs to be able to collpse without removing the seat unit. I also got a Nipi from Mamas & Papas for travelling abroad as the Loola was great but at almot 11kg rather heavy. The Nipi was lovely, great shopping basket, lie flat for baby, decent suspension, onehanded fold but we really missed having baby facing us, so we've now sold both buggies and upgraded to a shiny new Bugaboo Bee! The Bee is not for everyone but I love it love it love it - I can carry it down steps with my 22lb monster in it, suspension is amazing, it's incredible light to push, can fold & unfold one-handed (can do it with baby in one arm) and the shopping basket it huge!))

I hope you find the right buggy for you - good luck in your quest!

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