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First Years - Breastflow bottle

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02/03/2008 at 23:52

This is more of a review then a discussion but i thought i should share with you.

After a doing alot of research (and test runs) of various 'breast'  bottles (including mam, tommee tippee etc.) i came across this one in mothercare-the first years breastflow bottle. At first i thought it was alot of money to spend on one bottle (they retail at around 8 pounds each) but any mother with a baby who needs to take a bottle but wont would probably think that it was worth its weight in gold.

It is a revolutionary new design of bottle with a very wide, skin like two part teat which uses the same compression techique as used when breast feeding and also has a 'let down' similar to the breast whilst baby is feeding. You can also pop the lid on the bottom of the bottle when you feed so less chance of it going missing. have to try everything once. I used the bottle at my baby's 2pm feed as this is usually when he takes the least milk and is not to tired. He was a little apprehensive at first but as the teat was compressed and the milk flowed into the outer teat and it became easier to suck he quite happily finished his feed. When it came to washing it up and sterilising it was no harder to do than a normal bottle and only had one extra piece.

As good as the bottle is though i would probably only use it if you were only going to use one a day at the most or as a last resort because i think it is alot of money for a bottle and even though the design is quite clever the bottle is quite bulky unlike the closer to nature which allows baby to be turned tummy to mummy to feed. I did like using the bottle and it is easy to use but i probably would't buy any more as my son has the closer to nature bottles and  is now settled on those and they are alot cheaper and easy to clean and sterilise,

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