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Ford Focus and Silver Cross Ventura Car Seat

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05/01/2008 at 16:45

Has anyone managed to fit this car seat into a Ford Focus?  I see that one of the reviews says they found it good for small cars with short seat belts but I cannot manage to get the rear seat belt of our Ford Focus around the seat, it is just too short.  The seatbelt for the front passenger seat is also too short although we wouldn't be able to fit it here anyway because of the airbag. 

 We have only just bought the Focus, 2 months after our baby was born so it wasn't fitted by the shop, and we didn't think to check that the seat fitted a focus as we know it is a very common family car and we have managed to fit it into other cars such as a Peugot 206 and a Ford Escort.  Any suggestions?!!!

 Thanks very much.

09/02/2008 at 11:00


We have the same car seat and same car and yep the same problem.  Did manage to get it strapped in though I left it un-buckled and put the belt round the back diagonally then fed the lap part across and managed with strength to put the buckle together.  That was the only way.  you will know yourself if you put the lap across then try and put it round the back it won't fit. 

you could ring kwik fit safety belts on:02082060101 where you can take the car there (middlesex i think) they will remove the belt and extend it and refit for £116!!! or remove it yourself and post it there and will cost you £50 odds!!   Ford reckon there is only one length on the shelf.  Apparantly they don't recommend the extension pieces you can buy as the buckle against the seat could come undone! maybe better with new seat!

good luck think we are just gonna struggle with it being tiight for now!

you probably have it sorted by now just seen your note as struggling with ours.


10/02/2008 at 19:17
Thanks Kev - have now worked out a way to fit it in - exactly the same way you do from the sound of it! It is a struggle but at least it works and we figured we'll be needing a new car seat when she's a bit bigger anyway so going to keep struggling with it until then! 
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3 messages
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