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22/02/2008 at 10:47

Hi just wondering if anyone can help on the icandy apple, we saw this pushchair and the carrycot and loved it, it was only when started to read some reviews on the item that we started to worry, could anyone please give there opinions on this pram whether good or bad, anything will be helpful.

thanks. sam

24/02/2009 at 11:19

Hi Sam

I have this pram and love it.  I had the carrycot part on the chassis upto about a week ago but my daughter is now 6 months so was bodering on getting too big for it so I got good use out of that.  She was also wanting to look around so the carrycot is now safely stored up in the loft for (hopefully) number 2!

I live at the top of the hill and it is so easy to push up and down.  Both the carrycot and the seat part are nice and roomy and comfy for DD.  In fact the seat and carrycot are higher up on the chassis than say the bugaboo which I personally prefer.  The handle height has a wide range so I have it just above the lowest and I'm 5.6ft and DH has it almost at the top.

I really wanted something different and I find I get stopped regularly with people asking about it which is always nice.

 I liked the fact that if we do have number 2 sooner rather than later you can purchase the 'pear' attachment which effectively turns your one child pram into a two child pram.  I suppose it all depends how old DD is before that decision is made! LOL.  You can also buy the 'jogger' wheel to replace the two front wheels which with a PE teacher, sports mad, DH he is seriously considering this so he can go out for runs with DD (OK we'll see if this actually happens!)

 The only downside I suppose is the chassis and carrycot/pram take quite a bit of room in the boot but then all travel systems tend to anyway.  The joys of travelling with a baby!

Hope this helps.  let me know if there is anything else you want to know.  I feel a bit of an expert on it having used it for half a year!

14/09/2011 at 23:19

Have had the iCandy for just a little over 21 months and love the pushchair itself. It is so comfortable and my little girl just loves it. The only downside for me is the customer service from iCandy as a whole. I have just tried to get a warranty repair done on my iCandy only to be told that it is not covered under the 2 year manufacturers warranty. This for me is very disappointing as the problem on my iCandy pushchair leaves me unable to use it for my daughter as it is a safety issue. I am now questioning if I will be able to use this for my next child as if the pushchair itself is braking after just over a years worth of use (as I used the carrycot for the first 6 months) then what will it be like in another years time?

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