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High chair dilema

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25/03/2008 at 13:01

Hi All

 Help!!  Not sure whether to buy a Stokke Tripp Trapp (no tray) or a Bloom Nano (tray)....

 Does anyone with a Tripp Trapp regret buying it/miss having a tray?  And has anyone got the Bloom Nano as I can't find any reviews anywhere (I think it's very new!)?

 Are there any other high chairs that look vaguely stylish that I should be looking at?

 Many thanks for any advice!


25/03/2008 at 13:18
Mamas and papas have just brought a new one out that looks quite stylish. I have the cossato on the moove highchair. If space is an issue then this one is brilliant. It comes with a carry bag and folds up small and is portable. If I am going to my mams or the in laws I just cary it on my shoulder. I did have a big cossato one with a reclining seat and changeable trays and I gave it away, it was a nice highchair but it took up half of my front room. The stokke one looks great but it would bother me not having a tray, the only place the baby will be able to have finger snacks is at the table. Hope this helps, nicola x
24/04/2008 at 11:54

No tray all the way!

 I LOVE my stokke tripp trapps, and my boys have one each. 
One was given to me by my friend Anna - it was her chair from infanthood and the chair is now 23 years old and still going strong!  The other was a new one bought for Benji when I was pregnant.  The design is exactly the same which I think speaks volumes about how good they are.

 Obviously they can only be used from when baby can sit up - but I found this no problem as the chair can then be used for the rest of their lives.  (Anna was in fact using hers as her desk chair until she gave it to me!)

In the first few months I used to feed my two in their bouncy chairs!  They could eat finger foods there and I was happily able to spoon various pureed mush into them.  I just sat on the floor with the bouncy chair between my legs - gave me much better eye contact and minimised mess I found.

Subsequently having eaten all their meals at the table since they could sit up, my sons have both been imppeccably behaved whenever they have had to sit on a booster seat at the table if at a relatives/restaurant to eat. 

I think it involves them more (and allows you more freedom when eating as a family) and they take notice of what you're eating and how - and that is how they learn!
The Tripp Trapp is also designed to help them be able to sit properly and at the right height at the table all through their life - Jacob is a tall 3 year old, and Benji a long legged 19 month old, but both can sit at the appropriate level with the foot rest and seat height easily adjusted to suit.

I hope you find one that's perfect for you - but I really wouldn't be without my Tripp Trapps!

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