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mamas and papas car seats?

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14/03/2007 at 18:04
I went to my local baby store the other day to look at prams and i have to say that i loved the m&p that were on show-they always have such upto date designs and i found it hard to pick which one i liked the best!But then when i asked about the car seat that goes with it i was told by the shop attendant that m&p car seats are the worst on the market as they sit upright (not good for newborn)and they only fit in small percentage of cars.anyone had similar problems as im not really sure what to do now.
15/03/2007 at 02:50
A quick look on the mamas and papas website shows that the pilkos infant carrier is an evolution of the model we used.
we didnt have the base that it fits to with ours, if we had i expect it would have been easier to fit in the car.
we used it from birth until about 9 months, when she was new born we used the inserts to make it more suitable for a small child.
the little touches are what made it for us like the front and rear pockets on the carrier meaning we could do away with the need for a seperate changing back, as we could store nappies wipes bottles etc in the pockets.
as for fitting in to the car they may be getting confused with the isofix system for child seats which requires isofix fixing points in the car.
our infant carrier fitted in every car we put it in. in some cars when fitting it in to the rearseat you needed to push the front seat forward to fit it in properly.
for example when we fitted it in to a renault clio/megane, peugeot 309 and 306 estate and a vauxhall astra estate the front seat needed to be moved forward, but in the ford mondeo there was plenty of rrom even with the front seat fully back.
15/03/2007 at 08:05
Hi Lindsey,

We are using our mamas and papas car seat for the second time. Kayleigh and Kyrie have both been fine in it. Kyrie is a week old ad is really comfy and she settles well in it.
Ours came with the car seat base which stays in the car. We have had no problems with the 3 cars we've had (ford escort, lexus is200 and a bmw 3 series)
I have been really happy with this car seat and would certainly recommend it.
Another advantage is you don'y have to worry about desterbing your baby when they fall asleep as you can just trabsfer it car to pushchair or vice versa!

Louise xx
24/08/2007 at 19:13

I gave up using mine. The car seat was too upright. My baby's head kept swinging in all directions when the car was moving. I swapped it for a maxi-cosi when my baby was 3 months.

It did fit in my car, but it was a tight fit. A very tight fit and we have a BMW 5 series. It didn't fit in my sister's car. I suggest you test the fitting of the car seat in your car first before you buy.

The car seat alone is quite heavy too. I found it difficult to lift and I'm not even small. The grip isn't ergonomic either. 

Basically, I hated it.

12/09/2007 at 11:56

Hi i have had three mamas and papas car seats for my children and i have found them all fine,  my husband and i arent drivers so they have always gone into all sorts of different cars and ive never had a problem, the base fits into the car and then the car chair just on top and ive always found it easy to use. good luck.

28/09/2007 at 20:14


I have a M&P car seat and have been really unhappy with it, it's far too upright for a new born baby as their little head goes forward.  I called M&P to get their advice and they said it's been tested and is safe which I'm sure it is.  Now my daughter is a little older she is growing into it, however I'm still not happy and would have prefered a Maxi Cosi car seat....M&P car seat is really heavy as well, not good for lifting in and out of the car. 

18/02/2008 at 22:10

Shocking for mum and dad however our daughter seems to love it! She seems to fall asleep without a problem and appears comfortable. Sadly, it is shockingly designed and cannot have been tested very thoroughly (or with families) before being produced. The buttons to move the carry handle are awkward and when fitting in the car, nearly impossible to access. The strap adjuster is underneath the seat/cover and is not easily accessible. The hood is just not practical and gets in the way of the carry handle (which is poorly designed - not ergonomic). It's also quite heavy (and I'm a big/strong bloke - so my partner tells me!). Once our daughter gets a bit bigger, I think it will become an issue for my partner to be lifting the seat in and out of the car. Without the base we have found it very difficult to install. The seatbelt fixings are difficult to use and the seatbelts on our cars (a corsa and a mazda 3) hardly fit around the car seat. We were sold the seat on the basis of it being compatible with the pliko pramette and useful as a travel system. We've never used it as a travel system and thought the brand was good. I would recommend if you want something that is easy to use and practical, then look around. I don't think this seat is the best. If it is, someone out there has a goldmine to be made as this seat is utterly infuriating for mums and dads.

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