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Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump vs Phillips Avent Electric?

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18/07/2009 at 16:14

We have recently had our first baby and trying to decide on the best Breast Pump to buy. I have been told definitely go the electric route, but looking at the options there is Medela Swing Pump and the Avent Isis electric. Both are around the same price of £80. Does anyone have any feedback that could help me?

I will also need to get bottles and steriliser. Someone mention compatibility and most people talk about the Avent Steam Steriliser and bottles, so should we not keep it all the same and go for Avent Isis Electric Pump?

18/07/2009 at 18:04
Hi Zeus - where on earth were you looking at breast pumps????? God that is the most expensive i have ever heard them mentioned!!!! Go into boots - the Medela on is in there and although it was a few years ago i bought mine for £30 - it wont have gone up by £50 in that length of time thats for sure!!!!! Its a great little pump albeit a little bit on the noisy side but niether the kids or me have been bothered by it when its in use, for ease of use plug yourself in when your baby is feeding, you get the let-down really good then and i used to get a full 4oz from the side that the pump was on, so its a good top-up feed or one your partner can do instead of you or a freeze away one!!! All the best, congratulations by the way and enjoy your little one xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
18/07/2009 at 19:02

Thanks Karen

Maybe you were looking the medela mini. Look here at the options on Amazon, probably the cheapest around

19/07/2009 at 12:46
The one we bought was just brill!!! it can only do one breast and i know that some you can buy will do both (i'd deffinately feel like daisy i think! LOL) but mine does the job and as i say it was only £29.99 at the time! It migh be worth looking on ebay for one too, we had some cracking bargains both cloth wise and some equipment from there. Looking at the link you sent above we have option  no.3 it has a battery back up which worked ok and also the plug in for the normal leccy which worked best of all. I still think the medela is the better option but good luck with which ever you try, oh yea, just a little tip, dont express untill you have been feeding for a good two weeks or you'll turn your supply all over the place!!! xxx
19/07/2009 at 20:12

Medella all the way!!  I bought the Philips one which just was rubbish and then got thje Medella one which was fab.  I breastfed my daughter for 9 months.  Now she is 1 year old and I am 2 months pregnant with my second child. 

I agree with Karen, do not express until a regular breastfeeding pattern is established.  But good for you for breastfeeding; i loved breastfeeding and am hoping to do so again when new baby is born.

Hope you make a decision.

Jo, Beth + Bump

22/07/2009 at 16:58

Hi  Zeus

I bought the Phillips Avent Isis IQ and it was fab!! It cost me around £80 last year and i used it up to 8 times a day for about 8 months and it is still working fine and all ready for when baby number 2 arrives. It is really comfortable, quiet and comes with a battery pack which is really handy for when you are out for the day. I bf from day 1 but we did have a lot of problems initially and the pump saved my life. I managed to combine expressing and bf right up to Theo turning 1, and without a doubt i think id have given up without my pump!

I did try the medela one in hospital which was fine, but i got the avent for the fact that id need bottles and steriliser aswell, and the pump actually came with bottles and teats. Everyone ios different, and what suits one person wont suit the next, but i can honestly say I had no problems whatsoever with my avent and am so happy with it. After about 5 months of constant use the motor did start making a funny noise (which i put down to overuse!) but i just took it back and they replaced the whole thing for new no questions asked. I got mine from mothercare and would defo recommend it!!!

Hope this helps some x

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