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06/11/2006 at 15:03
Safababy is a fantastic item which has really helped relieve our worried about cot death.
Safababy is a great item, which makes the foot of the cot closer to baby, so that the sleeping space is smaller. This makes it safer for baby as she hasn't got anywhere to wriggle to. We have used this since we put our daughter in her cot last week and it is one of the best products we have purchased. Milly is a wriggly baby and at 10 weeks is very strong so we were very worried about her wriggling under her sheet and blanket, but the Safababy stops this. It goes across the cot and stays in place by a belt which goes under the mattress and then goes in between the cot bars on each side. It means that the blankets/sheets cannot be pulled up over baby's head and she can't wriggle under. It really is a brilliant invention which will grow with her as you can easily move it down the cot the more she grows.

I bought mine for £19.97 from and it arrived the next day. I would deifinitely recommend this tien to anyone with a young baby in a cot.

07/11/2006 at 11:49
Hi there
Thanks for the recommendation. Babies should also be placed at the bottom of a cot, no matter how big it is, so that they can't wriggle under the bedsheets. Bedsheets shoudl be the right size for the cot (or cut into smaller ones if you can only get big sheets).
Another alternative is to get baby sleeping bags, which fit over their shoulders but are not too hot at night. That way they can't kick off their covers but they also can't wriggle down under them.
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