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22/05/2008 at 12:50

I'm freaking out .... This is my second Child my first daughter is 10 so i have a massive Gap when she was born there was NOT all this excitment about buggies

she had a sling when she was first born and a car seat because we drove every where and she was very small

when she got to about 6 months we got her a Mclaren which was cheap and easy to use

then when she got to 2 we got her a cheap stoller from mother care to take on holiday and drop her to nursery and stuff


I live in central london and with all the congestion charge and not being able to park outside schools and parking inspectors increasing i will have to buy a buggy .......

I went to mothercare oxford street last night the first time since being pregnant because i haven't been too fussed about buying anything since it's my second (i have 9 weeks to go) and wanted to cry!

They have 3000 buggies with hardly any sales assistants who when you do get to speak to them are rubbish (the ladies down stairs where very helpful)

i tried to test out these buggies that where chained to the floor and it was just rediculous they didn't even move or so bulky they couldn't move  

then they think it's a good idea to put some of the buggies on shelves ??? whats the point i that ............. when i finally did speak to a sales assistant she was trying her best but she just didn't know enough about the products in order to sell it to me

she just stuck to the one buggie (the buggaboo bee) which i actually think it is quite good compared to the other push chairs even though the price is just silly it looks good and feels light weight ... i'm not sure how a 3 year old will sit in it and since they only came out in Feb there will not be any research done  yet

i was trying to get her to compare it to the other buggies and she just couldn't ???

she just kept telling me this is a good buggie and it's great

if it is so great why have so many other buggies on display she should have at least said this is what we have for your needs and tell me the pro's and cons about each???

i just dont get it i have read the reviews and i don't know what to do.............

i want a light weight push chair that faces me so i can see the baby ...i don't want 3000 straps .. i want my baby to be comfortable ....i want to have it for at least a year i don't mind paying the price so long as it's good quality doesn't make sence me buying a £400 buggy that is going to collapse after 6 months, my baby grows out of real quickly   it gets real dirty and is difficult to use .....can any one recomend ??

also to all the women who kept saying "you see it every where" isn't that a good thing ??? because if no one had it wouldn't you worry as to why no one else but you has bought it ???

seeing it every where is a good thing does that not mean it's a good product?? jezzzzzz you would think they where talking about a new pair of shoes or hand bang when did buggies become so complicated!

22/05/2008 at 13:52

Heya there Rae,

Hehe i know how you feel. I hated buggy shopping when i was preggers. My Partner just wanted to spend loads of money as he was convinced that was the best thing to do and i on the other hand wanted something cheap and cheerful. In the end i went for a graco mosaic travel system in brown from mother care (about £179). I chose this one after spending hours pushing massive expensive prams round various stores. My daughter is 4 months now and the buggy goes everywhere with me. I walk a good 5 miles daily and there has so far been no sign of any wear or tear, it cleans lovley if anything does get on it. It has a car seat that can easily be attached to the frame when the baby is new born and you uderstandably want him or her facing you (and you can get a car seat auto base for about £30 too, so no annoying straps everytime you go in the car), Without the car seat on the buggy is very similar in size to a light weight pushchair but with a comfy multi position seat. My daughter loves going in her pram and sleeps everywhere we go .

I can remember being about to buy a nice big quinny thingy til my mum pointed out that me and my sister had managed okay without the use of a super expensive pram.

All the mums at the mummy/baby group i attend have all just had to buy cheap pushchairs because they were finding big bulky prams to much work, they are very upset that they wasted do much money on something they have only had 4 months use out of.

Hope this helps a little bit.

Good luck and best wishes

Mickayla x x x

12/06/2008 at 14:05

Hi Rae

 I have the bebe confort streety it is really cool. Not only is it light weight it folds down really small and does not weight much either. for approx £250 I got the stroller, car seat footmuff raincover and hood which I though was great value. You can also get the carrycot but thats is extra.  Me and my baby are really happy with this stroller and it still look great.

I hope this helps.


12/06/2008 at 14:19

Thanks my love

I got 6 weeks to go........... still no buggy and it's doing my head in LOL

i'm sure i'll get my act together in the end at least my hospital bag is packed now xxxxxxxxx 

12/06/2008 at 16:22
I think the bugaboo bee is fab! It is one of the only lightweight pram/pushchairs on the market that faces you for as long as you want them to. I would have got this if they were out in time. I have a pliko, which is ok but my baby cant face me. I certainly dont think it is cheap but compared to some prams it is a bargain for something so versatile.
13/06/2008 at 09:56

Yeah i think i'm going to get one of those i'm only 5ft2 and some of the travel systems on the market are huge

even the buga boo greko i saw some poor lady struggling on the bus with hers it looked like a cot LOL!

i think the Bee is for me

Rae x

15/05/2009 at 15:34
The Bee is great, especially when you have a newborn and under 1 year old who wants to face you and likes to be reclined- BUT now that my daughter is a toddler and wants to sit bolt upright, it is a bummer, coz it doesn't go upright like the other Bugaboos you see around...all 3 positions after the fully flat ones are reclined.
So I have to stick a small cushion down the back of the seat to make her sit upright comfortably!
Not great when you have spent so much on the buggy- I wish Bugaboo would create an upright position- then it would be a near-perfect urban buggy.

Good luck Rae!

18/05/2009 at 07:20
Hello friends.I never felt having or selecting pushchair is not a night mare.I have Icoo Pushchair for my baby.It has got some best features and good to look at.I feel easy to walk pushing my baby in it.
18/05/2009 at 10:48
why does your bugga boo bee not go up right ???? my daughter is 10 months and sits right up in it ???
19/05/2009 at 14:23
I re-read the manual and it says it has 4 positions- 1 flat, 3 reclined. I have checked other people's and theirs are all the same as mine: 2 positions are fairly reclined and the one that is the highest is still angled about 20 degrees or if you have a toddler who really likes to sit bolt upright like mine, they can't. They have to lean forward.
It's funny 'cause the Bugaboo Chameleon goes bolt upright.
I am intrigued now!

19/05/2009 at 14:37

i get what you mean my daughter is only 10 months and tiny and it's all the way up but because she is small it looks like it is all the way up  i have to put the hood all the way back so she can see

another thing i have noticed when it is raining and and they sit up right the rain cover doesn't fit properly because the hood is too long and i have to push it back 1 so i can see her and they cannot see anything

this is the thing with new buggies they don't get tested by toddlers LOL!

26/05/2009 at 17:21
true! people with the toddlers should do the testing anyway, as we're the only ones who really, truly try stuff out!
the other annoying thing is that when they are bigger, like my girl, they don't want the canopy opened, because as you rightly say then they can't see out the side...but when it rains, the raincover only stays put if the canopy is opened a few inches...otherwise the raincover collapses onto the least it has a flap/window in it, so my daughter can hang on and look out, as she hates being all enclosed!

Also, older kids want to wave their arms about and hold their arms out to the side, so if the canopy is open, they can't...mine is only comfie when the canopy is open to the max and she can let her arms dangle, that way she stretches the black flaps on the sides of the seat unit.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I think Bugaboo ought to take comments on board and change a few details- I love my Bee and it is still the lightest and most compact buggy I have ever found, with adjustable handles and front/rear facing seat, BUT which folds like a stroller- it ain't perfect, but it ain't bad either!

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