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what would you buy used?

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11/07/2007 at 11:28
from a friend or from a stranger?

clothes? furniture? toys? misc?
11/07/2007 at 12:42
Hi Kim, i brought most of my stuff for my 3rd addition second hand. The only things i brought new were pushchair, matteress and bottles and teats. I got loads of 99p bundles of clothes on ebay. One bundle had 70 items all for 99p and they were in lovely conditiona as babies don't stay small for long!
I also got my sterliiser from ebay for £5 and i collected it as the lady didn't live far from me.
the bottles and teats i brought new as i didn't like the idea of using second hand ones, same with the matteress but then it is recommended that you always buy a new one for each child anyway.

Louise xx
11/07/2007 at 14:41
Everything except bottles, car seat, mattresses and cloth nappies. I'd be quite careful with toys, mainly because I know what ours go through!
12/07/2007 at 12:13
hi - baby clothes are usually in fab condition from places like ebay (they arent small long as louise says) so they usually havent had much use, you can buy sterilisers used, either electric or cold water, bottles i guess you could always buy used too, just new teats as they get sterilised just the same, mattresses should always be new!! car seats - mmmmmm - i wouldnt personally unless you know its come from a reliable source (ie not been in a car accident etc) ive bought 2nd hand pushchairs too and they have been bargains!! we've bought loads of 2nd hand toys both for indoor and outdoor use - the outdoor ones are fab - god bless ebay!! LOL - indoor have been in excellent cond too! i also bought a 2nd hand baby bouncer - fisher price music and lights - 1/2 price of the new and you couldnt tell it had been used! its deffinately worth having a rumage around for this type of thing. good luck! xxx
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