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Breast feeding and Contraception

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20/05/2009 at 14:52

was just wondering if there are any other mums who are exclusively breast feeding, and using contraception, i have been looking at my options and there dont seem like there are many,

what methods are safe for breastfeeding mothers, ie wont get into the milk supply...

20/05/2009 at 15:13
I know what you mean, unfortunately it really IS limited, your only option really at the moment are condoms or femidom (YUK!) but breastfeeding in itself helps (only HELPS) as a contraception, when my tiddlers are first born we just use condoms for a while but - like one of my babies - if its gonna happen it damn well will!! LOL - im sure he was deffinately coming regardless, we used condoms, i was breastfeeding exclusively and VERY regularly AND i avoided the supposed fertile days and yup - here he still is!!! LOL i wouldnt be without him tho even tho he can be a monster at times we wanted more kids anyway it just happened a tiny bit quicker than we expected LOL.  Anyway, the other option is to have a little chat with your doc/surgery nurse or midwife if shes still coming.  Hope thats helped. Good luck and well done you for breastfeeding!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
20/05/2009 at 15:59
You can use condoms, femidoms, the mini pill and you can use certain types of coil as well I believe.
22/05/2009 at 22:52


 Before I got pregnant I was on the Mirena coil which I would definitely reccommend. It's as effective as the condom (over 99%) and therefore more effective than any of the pills, injections etc. What I love is once it's in it can remain for 5 years (only need a couple of paracetamol before having it put in and doesn't hurt anymore than an internal during pregnancy), has no negative side-effects, and if you want to become pregnant your fertility returns within 48hours of it being removed. It can also make your periods all but disappear; when I had mine removed after 2 years so I could get pregnant (quick and painless by the way) I was really shocked when the following month my normal period returned cos it has been so light with the coil. The coil is fine for BF as there's nothing going into the milk supply, I'm still BF my 7 month old and I'm having a new Mirena fitted next month (now that baby's weaning I'm feeding less so aware that the contraceptive effect of BF will be diminishing rapidly!).

Since I was already planning to use the coil I've not found my choice limited! the reason I went on the coil in the first place was that I didn't like the thought of putting lots of hormones through my system (had put on lots of weight on the pill), didn't want a delay in the return of my fertility once we wanted to make a baby; and also with the pill you have to remember to take it, it can be affected by other meds or illness, and it's only 90% effective.

I personally think the Mirena coil is the best contraceptive on the market for woman in a committed relationship - there's no risk of forgetting to take it (pill), it ripping (condom), it remaining in your system after removal (injection & implant), it being affected by medication or illness (pill), having unpleasant side-effects (pill/implant/injection) - and the only thing more effective is abstinence/ aka having a 7month old like mine )  !!!

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