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Is your spark still there with your fella?

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22/12/2008 at 09:52

Mine has gone right down hill, not much romantic things we can do and not many pretty dresses i can fit into now being 7 months, Life with the fella has gotten so boring, we wake, work and sleep, that's it. As for sex, well that ended a long time ago but to be honest since the beginnning of my pregnancy i went off that lol.

anyone have any advice for how they've kept the spark while being pregnant?

I nag my fiancee, but they say nagging makes them worse lol.

22/12/2008 at 20:23
I think alot of men look to much into it some say they dont find their woman attractive where some do, some say they are scared incase they hurt the baby, i think it can be too much for the man at times
23/12/2008 at 09:42

I understand that, but they could try to be a little romantic still, not put us into a routine. Although since i posted this my fiancee seems to be trying his hardest to make me feel comfortable, i don't know wether i've got through to him or he's realised im getting bigger now and i can't carry the vacuum up the stairs, so he does alot more and makes me feel a bit more special now.

just a break through, im not complaining i love it.

23/12/2008 at 15:21

Hello Sarahann

Just remember it's not only the man that should put the effort in.

I think that although your 7 months you can still look good, YES IT MAY BE harder..OKAY a lot harder haha, but do your hair your him you still have it in you. If you don't feel like getting intimate like that why not take a bath/shower with him..let him* bathe you....

In my opinion i think we become self concious and lazy to try sometimes...we need to remember not to loose don't want the complete passion or some what excitment within your relationship to go out the window. In the end it takes two to make it work..i urge to try.

 GoodLUCK YUMMY MUMMY* cause that's what your are now.


23/12/2008 at 15:53

hi ladies

in the first few weeks our sex life was a little slow. mainly due to some bleeding and concerns for the baby. then after a while i did get less tense. but however i then found that i was very sensitive and sex was too harsh and i kept getting thrush. now things seem ok and oh has learnt to be more sensitive, he dosn't push me into it and we have a good relationship.

as for romance and things, we are like most couples and routine often takes over. but i dont look for big gestures and neither does he. he brought me flowers the other day and we often go for walks and feed the ducks with our daughter. we have cuddles and tell each other we love each other everyday. and those small things keep the sparkle going. we have independence from each other but enjoy all the time we spend together and make it worthwhile.

if you want sparkle, why not go out for a meal or a drink, or even just a walk together. have cuddles. cook  a nice meal for him and treat him. he may get the hint and treat you back!!! romance is not about grand gestures. and remember life would be boring if life was always romantic. sometimes the small things count. simply telling each other you love each other can bring back a spark.

hae a lovely wonderful sparkley xmas all and try to find a little romance at this time of year. take care all xxx 

24/12/2008 at 17:52

Thanks for all the advice girls!

I did use to try and make him feel better, and ask him if he wants to go for a meal and something to drink but we'd start off alone and eventually all his man friends would join in and meet up with us lol. I do enjoy their company mind, they're great lads, so i suppose i gave in trying and just expected him to pick up the pace again, but you've made me realise again i need to start showing him as much as he does me.

You all have a nice christmas!!

and we do have romantic times really, we always cuddle and watch films toegther, walk the dog and even go clothes shopping together and buy each other things on the sly, i just get greedy i suppose.

Take care all of you! and you're all yummy mummy's too!

27/12/2008 at 23:42

hey sara - sometimes life feels a little samey and you have to really look at things to realise that its not so bad. sounds like you life with you oh is good and you are happy. not easy when pregnant or you have kids tho. lifes priorities do change. just remember that the things you used to take for granted should now be cherished and you'll be fine. men often have a way of forgetting how to woo tho so some gentle persuasion is always worth it!!!

hope you had a fab and sexy crimbo. take care and remember all those good things xxx 

23/09/2011 at 12:12

Hey dear your husband love you a lot dont worry, but i think you should not keep nagging with him, men really hate nagging and long discussions, so keep it short and love him lot dear he will defienetly love you and will make more romance with you.


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