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31/10/2011 at 12:24

Hi all Potential mothers out there and all new Yummy mummies

I am 23 and my partner is 32, is my first pregnancy. I am 15 weeks gone and sadly  having a rough time

Well without overwhelming you with all the nitty gritty but since we found out I was pregnant I can count the amount of times we have have sex on ONE HAND, yes ladies ONE HAND. 

Obviously it hasnt helped that I have had tremendous sickness  ALL DAY, been a moany cow, sleeping everywhere, had killer heart burn, vommit breathe, very pale, acne and so much wind I would blow him out of the bed LOL. " LOVELY I know"

But he claims through all of this I have become even more beautiful to him and he loves me even more. I am as horny as ever and when we discuss having a bit of fun her replies with the old chesnut ' Ooooh im just not on my mind Max, I dont want to hurt you, my sex drive is all messed up. His penis looks pathetic and droopy and Im thoroughly FED UP. 

Well in his defence he is under alot of pressure as we are going for a mortgage as we are currently renting and financially he has had to step up his game dramatically, psychological pressures of fatherhood and having a real family bla bla bla..................BUT

Iam not so empathetic when I reminis about the healthy sex life we had before. Is my man just getting comfortable, believing she is knocked up now so I dont need to make the effort. He no longer gives me oral sex, and the sex we have had is in the spooning position.....BORING

I am not ungrateful, he has been great, cleaning, cooking, VERY SUPPORTIVE of my symptoms and pain (stretching uterus ect.) I cant help but feeling unattractive and confused. He started to sleep in the living room so I can get a good night sleep, and I really miss his naked bum next to me!!!....just the comfort

I dont think he is cheating one bit, I feel secure, but when he goes out there are loads of nice girls who dont smell like vommit, feel fat and bloated. I wana please him again. Only if his little soldier would revive himself......I know its a mind thing

I know Im very emotional at the moment ladies and would love some advice about how to rekindle the flame. we used to go out togther weekly, THATS STOPPED. Sex isnt everthing,  but I would be happy enough just to feel a bit sexier, and not just that FUMP around the house.

xxxx pregnancy really messes with the brain, its on overtime!!!!!

Am I being selfish?

28/12/2013 at 17:54

Max, you level of hormones is extreemely high, due to obvious reason, which is YOU ARE PREGNANT. Maybe you are overreacting and he has nothing bad on his mind.  Maybe he doesnt know if it safe to have sex while pregnancy or  he simply thinks " how my penis will touch my way" I m sure it is just temporary, maybe you should tell him that having sex with pregnant wife can scale up your  and his orgasms. Or even show some videos with pregnant wives to sale up his desire, so he sees that it is nothing scarry..Good luck

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2 messages
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