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daughter pretending to be pregnant

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06/09/2008 at 14:42

hi i have a daughter who is 3 in oct she went to my MILs yesterday and a member of the family who is pregnant was there today she is putting a small blanket up her top and patting her tummy and growning

i know kids do these things but is it normal for her age just to pick this up or would she have been shown

thing is i dont want her going nursery and doing it and the teachers thinking all sorts and pointing at me and also how i can get her to stop doing it i have told her its naughty and taken the blanket away but she just finds something else and thinks its funny

i dont know how to put the words but do i sound like a mom that is taking this the wrong way

thanks yas

08/09/2008 at 13:09

Yas, she would have noticed from people around her being pregnant and it's something kids pick up, they're like sponges at that age and they mimic everything! Thats why they play with dolls etc etc.

Don't tell her off for it, it's normal, the more you tell her no, they more she'll do it, ignore her and she'll get bored. She probably won't do it at nursery unless one of the teachers is pregnant.

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2 messages
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