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flying with 1 year old

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18/07/2008 at 13:38
hiya im just looking for any tips or ideas for flying with my little one- i am going away in october with the hubby and our two other boys 5 +3.anybody have any ideas for a toy/s that will keep him occupied for 2 1/2hrs  that doesnt have any little bits to have to search the floor for.also hes not much of a sitter as he found his walking feet at 10 months so he knows that he can explore.thanx in advance!
18/07/2008 at 14:30

The only thing I found that entertained either of my boys when we flew was books - and LOTS of them !!  Lift the flap books are especially popular with the 1 to 2s - just be prepared to be repeating yourself and still plastering that 'amazed ' look on face when you see the cat under the basket again.. and again... and again..

Either that, or a portable DVD player!  I really couldn't get them to engage with much at all toy wise - they are too boisterous to be given puzzles really.

The other thing I found to keep them sitting still was food.  I took hundred of snacks!!  Fresh fruit like grapes/blueberries, sandwiches, cow & gate biscuits etc.

 You older boys might appreciate a colouring book or two for the flight, maybe even an activity book or one with stickers.

 I have taken them abroad at 10 weeks, 13 months, then when Benji came along- 8 months & 2 years, and again this summer at 23 months and & 3 years - LOL we must be mad..!

I find singing songs (much to the annoyance of other passengers) and clapping games work too.  It's really just about keeping their mind off jumping about!

I wish you the best of luck with the travelling

21/07/2008 at 16:51

hiya thankyou for your response-i hadnt thought about a portable dvd player. that would help with the other 2 boys aswell. i cant believe ive even thought about going abroad with three of  them but its all booked now!

thanx again x

23/07/2008 at 20:26


i flew with my lo in april to lanzarote when she was 15 months and i was dreading it as she doesn't sit still for 2 minutes and is constantly on the go! However i needn't have worried as she was really good on the flight. She spent most of it standing on my lap  looking at and "speaking" to the other passengers! I also took lots of books and some crayons and paper for her to scribble on. Lots of snacks also help and i had planned to take a mini album of photos as she loves looking at pictures but didn't get that organised before hand! Our flight back was a night time flight which again i was dreading but when i got to the airport i got her into her pj's gave her her milk and after about half an hour into the flight she fell asleep and that was her until we got of the flight. I think i got myself more stressed out on the lead up to the holiday worrying about the what ifs. So my advice would be just try not to stress too much and instead go with the flow( although i did only travel with 1 lo as oppose to your 3!) Enjoy your hols

Nicola x

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