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getting rid of the night nappies

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18/12/2009 at 14:58

Hi Ladies,

Just looking for advice on getting rid of the night nappies. What age did you do it? What did you do to increase the chance they stayed dry overnight? Whats the best product to protect the bed with? etc etc

My LO will be three in January and i've decided once this pack of pull-ups are finished just to go for it. I sarted toilet training in May and she has been consistently dry and clean through the day for a while now. I guess i've left it so long because i'm lazy! She is a fantastic sleeper and goes down half seven and sleeps right through until half 8 in the morning. So i guess my main anxiety is that she sleeps so deeply that there will be lots of bedwetting or that her sleep becomes interrupted and she won't go back to sleep so don't want to develop a sleep problem! She's also used to sleeping in the dark so not sure if i should introduce a night light for when she does waken if she needs. She never really used the potty and went straight to the toilet so not sure if digging out the potty and placing it in her room would be useful or not. I was thinking of maybe just explaining that because there is no nappy on if she wakes and needs the toilet just to shout for me and i will take her to the toilet. She doesn't ever come out her room by herself despite there being no stair gate to stop her so i don't think she would try and go herself or come and get me! Probably fretting over nothing but just wondered what all your experiences were.


Nic x

30/03/2010 at 16:38

hi my sister is 7 now but i remember she was like ur daughter, good during the day and slept heavy at night. my mum used the dry night mats you can buy plus a water proof matress protector so any accidents can be easily changed without getting a wet matress. explaining to your daughter what you are doing and what will happen if she wets the bed without a nappy, and if you find it easier for her to call you can take her yourself to take her to the toilet then you should do it, as if your calm and at ease with it the your daughter is more likly to be aswell,

if she does have accidents, which is likely dont make a big deal about it as this will make her feel upset and may make wetting herself more common as a nervous thing, just calmly explain that her bed is wet and next time she needs to go to call you, you can leave a potty in her room incase she prefers that. if she is made aware that her bed will be wet she will more likly wake up b4 the accident happens as a subconsous thing.

these things can take time and many accidents but chances are each accident will help her understand and learn, just be calm so she is to, good luck!

sarah xx

01/08/2010 at 20:22
Thought i would update this thread for anyone interested on what i finally did to get my dd out of a nappy at night. In the end absolutely nothing LOL! She eventually just started having a dry nappy in the morning so i changed to pants, only 2 accidents and haven't looked back since and that was about 4 months ago. Just goes to show if you're a lazy mum like me leave them long enough and they will eventually get there themselves, stressfree LOL.
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