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14/07/2008 at 00:08
Hi, my 32mth old son is still not potty trained! When I first introduced the potty he would happily sit on it, but never do anything in it. Then I got him a new potty with a padded seat etc and he managed one or two wee's in it with a LOT of persuading and holding him on to the potty. But one day he just screamed his head off and didnt want on sit on the potty. He now gets SO hysterical. Also, he will hold it in FOREVER!! Up to 8 hours or so until he goes to bed or a nap, so I just put the potty away about 7 weeks ago because I was afraid he would damage his kidneys holding it in for so long. I did try to get him to sit on it again the other day and he did the same thing again. He is starting nursery in four months and he has to be trained. I have no idea what to do now. Has anyone any advice or ideas?
14/07/2008 at 10:32


I have a 27 month old and bought her some really cheap potties from Boots. But she always seemed to find them unconfy and complain when she sat on them. So I went out and bought a sort of potty seat (£10!) large seating area, handles the works! She has refused to sit on it and tries to move it out of the room saying 'dont like it.......dont like it' and will always go and get the small cheap ones.

We were away this weekend and she didn't have a poo at all and after a very sttrange episode of her crying for the potty and crying when she was on the potty, she didn't wee all day after that. We finally had a wet nappy this morning. It is a worry and it hard to work out what going on in their heads.

We have not had any wee's actually in the potty yet but she keeps asking for it and has at times bought the potty in to our bedroom in the morning asking to sit on it. The signs are there and with another baby due in 9 weeks we are going to give it a concerted effort this weekend and see how she responds. If we dont get anywhere we are going to back off until the baby is hokme and we are into a new routine.

Perhaps take him shopping to choose his own potty and when we got the small cheapy potties I bought some stickers of her favourite charactors and we sat down and decorated the potties with stickers of Thomas and Pooh. We also decorated a reward chart (we haven't used it yet) She now clearly loves them...maybe worth a try?

I dont have any other words of wisdom for potty training am just as much at a loss as you I think.



15/08/2008 at 13:37

Hi, when my son was potty trainning he was the same. He would not go to the toilet on his potty and screamed if we tried to get him to sit on it.

Instead of using the potty we brough a stall and a seat to put on the toilet and he used that instead. He used it straight away with no problems as he was on the toilet like a 'big boy'. We helped him climb onto the seat and held him under his arms to support him whilst sitting. He was a bit nervours at first but was really pleased he could use the toilet like we do!.

Maybe you could give this a try,


15/08/2008 at 13:50
Thanks Bec, I have bought one of those but havent set it up on the big toilet yet. Was gonna give him a wee break and start again. Hopefully it will work for him too!
15/08/2008 at 15:11

Good luck with the toilet trainning, keep us updated. A break will be good for both your son and yourself, start up again when you feel he is ready.

I hope it works

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