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11/09/2008 at 17:17


Im mum to Tom who is 19months old. Tom has recently started to mis-behave, throwing things, trashing his bedroom and dropping to the floor, screaming with tantrums! lol.... I know he sounds angelic! lol....

I have 3 children in total and till now had never experienced this! lol... but then my other 2 children are girls! 

I have spoken to him firm, put him on a naughty stair, ignored him, but nothing works, he just laughs at me! He doesnt have a favourite toy which i could take off him, he doesnt stay on the step and pays no attention when i give him into trouble! Help?

Up until this, Tom was great natured, goes to be at 7pm, sleeps through the night and gets up at 6.30am, any ideas?


20/09/2008 at 21:03

I have a tantrum throwing 22 month old toddler boy. Screams like a demented chimp when he cant get his own way with his three older brothers and like you throws toys and trashes the play room. My own experience and personal view is that you can't negotiate with child under two. They can't comprehend what a naughty step is. I watch for the 'build up' signs and just distract him, do somthin silly e.g. lie on the floor and pretend to be asleep, hold his hand and walk around the house/garden. But if he goes for a full on tantrum I put him in his travel cot in the playroom and walk out and close the door

23/09/2008 at 09:58

Hi Rebecca

 thanks for your reply! Tom is also too young for the naughty step or reward charts! i think he is out of sorts at them moment, were having work done in the house and its a bit upside down.

 Ive tried putting him in his room and closing the baby gate, but he then goes on to emptying his and his sisters drawers, or if he is feeling energetic he will climb on top of them to get to the window! lol....

 My girls were never like this! could this be a boy thing? lol....

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3 messages
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