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Tiny tots that won't be put down!

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22/02/2009 at 16:02

Hi I have three children. My first was a nightmare and would not let me put him down. he wouldnt sleep on his own etc etc

My second was an Angel and entertained himself without any problems

My third is just like my first but having two other children and a business to run (albiet part time) I am exhausted!

he will go to bed at night most nights, althouhg he cries I am very tough and he has usually settled by the time i get down stairs and he sleeps ok generally as long as he is well

However during the day I can't move for him. he is always crying and waving his arms about for hme to pick him up. he will go to my husband if he has too but as soon as he sees me he is yelling and reaching for me. I have him in a brilliant nursery 2 days a week so I can work and get some household jobs done as my husband works 70+ hours a week. My other children are missing out on my big time and I have no family to help.

I don't pick him up and let him paddy. I try distracting him, putting him in the highchair and taking him in every room with me so he can see me but he just chucks himself about and yells.

I am shattered and with my first i ended up with depression. I really don't want to go there again but I can feel my patience being worn away daily. I have even considered going to full time work which is horrid but i don't know what to do.

Has anyone got any ideas that work? I am slowly turning to drink!!!!

24/02/2009 at 10:27


My 17 month old is the same. She always wants to be with me, often if her dad picks her up she cries, or even if she was happy with him as soon as I come back shes reaching for me. While I spend a lot of time playing with her, there are times when I need a break. My solution has been baby tv (sky channel 623). I leave her watching this for short periods while i get things done and she's happy. Occasionally gets so engrossed in it that she doesnt even notice when I come back into the room

Em x

24/02/2009 at 11:23

Hi Em

thanx for replying.

I have tried baby t.v on sky and yes it does work for a short time now and then. I even record peppa pig or tom and jerry ssome days for him lol.

I fed him till he was almost one and wonder if that is some of it...i.e does he misss the closeness but my first was the same and i only fed him for a few months!


24/02/2009 at 13:46
Hey P - blimey what have you done to the little angel you bought with you to ours!!! LOL having said that i have one as well!!!! shes not too bad of late, but for the last few weeks has been either on me hip or clinging to my leg!!! like having a dog in heat there!!! *GRIN* but the only thing i have had to do is -erm - ignore it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know i know, but with my others - you know the score - its just had to be done, hate to say this but maybe the nursery is doing more harm than good?????? you know we even pulled mags from school for a year because it wasnt right.  Worth thinking about maybe. take it easy girl and you know where we all are xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
24/02/2009 at 16:44

HI karen

You have not said anything I hadn't thought myself. We pulled Ben from nursery for that reason and i stayed at home all day and worked evenings and nights but it didn't help.

I know Jack is happy at nursery and he is always playing and laughing when i go to get him but as soon as he sees me he goes ape

I kept him home for two weeks but he was actually worse!

I do ignore it when i can b ut isn't it sooooo bloody hard when your trying to cook, clean. iron, or have a loo visit when there on your legs constantly???

I just discovered this am that he is cutting two back molars and he has been chesty and snotty for weeks (obviously linked) so I am hoping this clingyness is part of that! lets hope so ey?

Any's not windy, how you on the laptop lol, have you got the solar panel up now?

Just been to see Dom's parents old house and they are putting solar panels in there and log burners for the CH system. I am so gel!

P.s I am thrilled your scan went ok. have they given you a date yet? I bet they couldn't see if it was twins could they? That would be cool...well for us anyway not sure i'd cope lol xx

25/02/2009 at 22:26
Hi p, they are pretty sure its just one and we are hopefully getting a grant for more solar and a BIG wind turbine later this year, beany has cut all her teeth now bar 4!!!!!!!!!!! she seems much happier, apart from when shes not falling off the stereo, falling off the arm of the chair, skidding on the kitchen floor, being side-swiped by gabes/ranny and basically cant get what she wants WHEN she wants it!!!!! LOL happy kid!!!! LMAO - no shes not too bad now - honestly~!!!!! hehehehe take it easy and try to stay calm with your little man how about meditating with him????????????? or massage???????????? xxxxxxxxx
03/03/2009 at 18:59

I find my toddlers a bit of a pain in the bum for wanting my attention - the only solution I've found it putting them in a carrier so I can crack on with the washing up or laundry.

I carried all of them as babies, and 3 out of my 4 as toddlers.  I still carry the middle two (3.5 years and 4 years) if they're mega tired - and youngest (2.5 years) gets carried almost every day as I don't use a pushchair any more.  (darn sight easier getting round the shops as well)  I use Rose and Rebellion carriers which are fantastic for older babies and toddlers.

I found that if my kids were more involved in whatever activity I needed to get done they settled a bit more- for instance I would put a small bowl and plastic cutlery/plates on the floor for my son to 'wash up' as well, so I could keep an eye on him and he wasn't left out.

Letting them peg the socks up on the airer or hanging them on the radiator while I did the big stuff always works too

04/03/2009 at 07:53

Hi I have tried all of that and it doesnt work. he has setttled alittle this week but he is still all for me. So much so the otherday he was yelling at my feet and i was putting dinner out. When my husband came in the baby put his arms up for Daddy and as soon as he was up stretched to me so we had to swap duties lol, criminal genious that is!

I love the idea of pegging the socks on an airer. I might get him a mob and bucket too as he loves mine!

I also think i will go for the carriers idea so when he won't go down i at least have my hands free. I wanted a sling when he was tiny but decided against it...wish i had now! I will go and have a look at that site, thanx. x

04/03/2009 at 10:16

Haha!  Oh dear yes that is a bit sly, getting Daddy to pick you up so you can fling yourself at Mummy.. looks like you've not got a daft one there p2baby

My youngest son got a vacuum cleaner for Christmas as he was always playing with our Dyson, so I would definitely recommend 'mini-mum' household appliances!

We've just bought a small play stove by BRIO for our eldest son as they all love cooking with the saucepans and pretend food - they say imitation is the highest form of flattery so I reckon all my kids must love me!!! 

I can't imagine they'll be so keen on cooking and cleaning when they're teenagers though Haha! 

There are a fair range of older baby/toddler carriers available on the market - I just happen to prefer R&R over anyone else!  They're very easy to use - but there is also Connecta who have a very similiar design - but different fabrics - or you can send in your own choice of fabric and get a custom made

A friend of mine also has a website for sling hiring - so you can try out one before you invest.  Her site is Evolving Colours 

It does take a while for your muscles to adjust to babywearing if you're new to it, (it's actually very good exercise once you go walking whilst wearing them!) so I would recommend doing it for shorter periods at a time first, this also gives your tot time to get used to it as well.  Get used to having snot marks on your front and back though - youngest son loves wiping his nose down my back - and if he falls asleep in the carrier *always* drools on me while he's snoring!

15/03/2009 at 20:42

Hiya Mummygoth

I got jack a mini hoover and kitchen, he loves them!

Thanx for the site info will have a look. So far the little tyke has calmed down abit. We got my eldest son a puppy this week and all the boys are so taken with him they kind of forget i'm about lol

As for the snot marks...hummm have them all over my shoulder all the time! Nice! Yuck lol


21/03/2009 at 10:12

Good news. jack has calmed right down and lets me move, I do wonder if it was a weaning process after comming off thhe boob, but so far so good!

Thanx for all the advice xx

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