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Weaning off night time 'bottle'

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11/05/2011 at 07:55

My 15 mnth ols still has her nighttime & morning bottles.  She drinks juice throughout the day with and inbetween meals. 

She currently has her juice from a Tommee Tippee on the go, soft spout toddler grab cup.  But she will drink from most sippy type cups.

Her milk morning and night is currently in a transition bottle, with a spout/teat.  More teat than spout I'd say.  Whilst I am still happey for her to have the milk, I don't want her having it from a 'bottle'.

So, what drinking container should I be looking to move to?

(My son was very difficult to get off a bottle at all and it was a fight at gone 2yrs to get him off a stanard tommee tippee bottle.  I do not want that scenario again.)

Please, I would gratefully accept any advice or experiences.


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