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Agnus Castus

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22/05/2007 at 20:27
Has anybody tried using Agnus Castus to regulate periods and increase chances of falling pregnant?
23/05/2007 at 10:05
Hi Leanne, I tried Agnus Castus to help with period pain, but to be honest I can't say whether it helped me or not as I seem to be quite special and most things haven't worked. The lady in Holland and Barrett was very helpful though, good luck hope it helps you :)
23/05/2007 at 19:49
Hi Leanne

i recommended agnus castus to my best friend who had v irregular periods, and she regulated immediatly and she had to stop taking them for a month as she couldnt afford the prescription and they went haywire again.

defo the cheapest natural regulator i have come across. it stinks though lol
23/05/2007 at 21:28
Thanks Cathy, hopefully it will help me with ttc.
25/05/2007 at 22:33
i got really low chances of getting pregnant and my american friend said i should try this and it work wonders but had to use it for almost 12months now i am currently 29weeks 3days pregnant

Good luck it really does work!
26/05/2007 at 11:31
Thanks Lynne,

I started taking it the other day, so I am hoping it will help sort things out. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Its really good to hear something like this working.
26/05/2007 at 16:20
it really does but would advice to also take folic acid so that it gives you a head start if you do get pregnant just be careful with this product because its not able to be taken in pregnancy so when/if u find out ur pregnant or think you may be stop
26/05/2007 at 20:21
Thanks Lynne, I am taking pregnacare as well just now. I will stop to agnus though he minute I find out. Fingers crossed
26/05/2007 at 20:23
must baby dust sending you way hun good luck.... pregnancy care is good i been taken clearblue pregnancy vits they are really good and full of everything including omega 3 so thats why i choose them plus you can actaully get them in Poundland lol where are you buying the agnus castus from? it can become pretty costly
26/05/2007 at 20:24
I bought the Kira brand from boots. Your right they were £7 for one months supply. How long did it take you using the agnus before you fell pregnant? Did it sort out your cycle?
26/05/2007 at 22:32
12months i got it from holand and barrets think it was alot cheaper than £7 its £4.99 for 100 capsuls so a good bit cheaper and thats the ones i used but my fertility is really bad and only used to get my period once every 3 months yes it did and made them more bearable too
thats the link for the holland and barretts agnus castus hope it helps

Take Care and good lukc much baby dust

From Lynne XXX
29/05/2007 at 15:46
Just thought I would add that I was trying to get pregnant for 5 months with no luck, and had irregular periods (45 ish day cycle). a friend recommended Agnus castus, which i took and within 2 months my periods went to a 30 day 'normal' cycle. And within 3 months I was pregnant. And am now expecting 1st baby on September 1st!

It worked exactly the same for my friend as well.

So i would definately recommend it & good luck..
29/05/2007 at 16:27
yes i was like that alice its really good and well worth a try before anything else well done you for using it and getting pregnant and good luck with baby i'm due 7th august

Take Care
From Lynne XXX
29/05/2007 at 18:42
Thanks Alice, I dont have a problem with long cycles but i get watery bleeding throughout my cycle. My period stopped three days ago but today I got some watery bleeding again. I am hoping these tablets will sort out whatever is causing this. Thanks for the update, I hope I get lucky soon
29/05/2007 at 19:28
Good luck to you leanne hope they help you with this problem have you been to doc and been tested etc?

Take care

from Lynne XXx
30/05/2007 at 14:49
Hi Lynne,

I was at the doctors on Monday and I am being sent for a scan to check for PCOS. We are still trying in the meantime and persevering with this erratic spotting.
30/05/2007 at 15:30
my best friend has that and still got pregnant using agnus castus so even with the condition it still helps alot, i hope you don't have it though keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope for good news and lots of baby dust good luck!

From Lynne XXX
30/05/2007 at 15:38
Thanks Lynne for your kind words. I will keep you updated.

Hope all is well with you and your little one. x
30/05/2007 at 16:02
please do really i wish you all the best of luck... take care

From Lynne XXX
31/05/2007 at 14:03
Dose this stuff work even if your AF's are regular mine are around 30 days give or take. How do you get perscriptions for it.
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