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am i ready?

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27/12/2005 at 18:31
hi im 19 years old, and i ve just lost my job and i feel i have nothing left to do, so me and my boyfriend are thinking of having a baby but 1 min im loving the idea and the next i dont no what i want, could any one give me some advice pls
28/12/2005 at 19:31
I would suggest, don't do it. I am six months pregnant with my first and it has been a huge emotional rollercoaster. If your not sure then I would wait. Losing a job and having nothing else to do is really no reason. Wait until you find a new job and feel more satisfied with the rest of your life before rushing in.
28/12/2005 at 21:15
thanx for the respond, i will take that in mind
31/12/2005 at 13:46
me and my boyfriend have decided for me to get a job then were try for a baby.
01/01/2006 at 12:09
Hi Tina
Having a baby can be a very positive experience, but Melanie's right, it's a major upheaval and not a cheap one!
However, while you're looking at settling your own lives a bit more and finding work, there's no reason why you can't start to eat the right things to put yourself in better shape to get pregnant. It's not always about buying expensive supplements or strange diets. Check out ThinkBaby's conception pages to see what kinds of food and exercise can help peven before pregnancy. This in itself is a great way to feel more positive for everything you do.
Good luck in the near future and in the long run, when you and your boyfriend feel the time is right to try for a baby.
14/01/2012 at 02:42
Hi I'm not a farther but I'm thinking of being, my partner is 21 and I'm almost 25 she works full time as a carer and I in a factory working 3pm till 11pm. We don't have our own home yet but I have looked into it and we can afford to move out and put approx £350 a month away after all bills and a little into savings. I'm ready but I'm not sure if she is. Any ideas
16/01/2012 at 11:27

Hi Tina, 

Me and my partner decided to start trying for a baby a few months before I lost my job, for me it's not something that will stop me from trying - I am still looking for work and hope to get something else soon (this is seeming to be quite tough at the moment though).  

Personally though I think you are too young to be considering a baby, you are 19, you're young.  Your friends will want to go out or on holiday and invite you and you will be stuck at home with a baby and chances are resent it.  Wait a few more years.

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