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anyone else using clearblue monitor?reallly want opinions plz girliez!

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02/03/2011 at 14:26

Hello all im starting a thread about cbfm


I just started using mine last month and wana hear people's experiences.

I am now about the start my second month.

In first month i got wk worth of high day 9-14 and then day 15/16 high,

I have 29 day cycle but on my fertiltiy chart it says mine is worked out as 28 days? weird!! and some times its 29 30/ more like 29 since ttc!

That was my first month anyway.

what differeneces in results did u ladies get with 1st or second +months, same peak days/high days? know i will prob get less peak days and have feeling i dont always ovulate exactly same time each month and reckon its perhaps later than average after peak and maybe that is why i havent got pg yet. we done it early part cycle and usually give up by day 15 or so!uh oh! would be nice if simple as that.

Anyway what exp of the CBFM do u have?

any better than ovulation tests?

I had probs with them cos they seemed to be pos a lot of the time on certain brands n often i thought it was pos only to test day after to have a still darker line!! also im v impatient!

did u get success o would u say it is just the case of we will get preg anyway and getting a monitor was just a coincidence. would be great to hear pos neg ( sorry re pun lol) stories

thx perdy boots !! xxx )

02/03/2011 at 22:39

Hi hun!

I did use a persona monitor (it like clearblue but marketed for contraception so cheaper). it gave green light when not fertile and red light when you could poss get pregnant and an egg picture on the days it say you ovulate. to be honest i didnt use it that much as strips are fairly dear and even when bd'd on the egg days didnt get preg. im not sure really what i think, i reckon if you bd every couple days throughout cycle you should catch the right time anyway. it may help a bit in the sense you 'relax' and feel bit more in control which in turn could help concieve i guess. I have heard alot of good things about it though


02/04/2011 at 13:57

I have just started to use the CBFM so I'm in month one. So far so good, have had 4 high days (on day 10) so just waiting to peak, although I have heard that month one can be quite unpredictable.

Let us know hoe you get on, fingers crossed for you!
28/04/2011 at 08:36

I'd been using cyclotest baby to get pregnant and after about the fourth month, I fell preggers! cyclotest baby has been sold in germany for years but has just been introduced into the UK ( anyways, it was a bit more expensive than clearblue but came with software and doesn't involve the recurring cost test strips.

to answer your questions, I think all fertility monitors take a while to adjust to your personal cycle so your days can vary the first few months. Once it's stored more of your information, it will be better able to pinpoint your fertile days.

Good luck!!!
08/03/2012 at 23:55
I had my mirena coil removed on the 1st, started AF on the 3rd, started using the monitor, today day 6 (still bleeding) hight fertility, does this make sense? Thanks in advance xx
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