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cheap pregnancy tests

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15/06/2008 at 18:52
Hi, Has anyone else been using cheap pregnancy tests? I'm waiting for a BFP and will find out any day now. I'm sure I had an implantation bleed and have sickness,dizzyness etc but I'm thinking do the cheapie tests really work? Hope you all have had a great weekend. I'd love some advice, as I am unsure if to go out and buy some expensive tests or not??? Here's hoping we all get out BFP's soon and keep the witch away ! Julie.x
15/06/2008 at 19:34

Hi Julie,

I bought some cheap tests on ebay - supposedly early ones.  I used them, but also had a spare cb digital & spare predictor in the cupboard - tested on 2 different days, & got negative with the cheapies & positive with the more expensive ones both days - can't tell you if I was testing early, as I hadn't made a note of my last period date!!

Am now 35+5 pg - good job I double checked the results!!

Personally, I don't rate the cheap ones at all - think even the supermarket own ones are way better than the ebay cheapies.  I'd go buy a twin pack of CB digital if it was me - I've thrown the cheapies away - won't bother buying them again.

Same with the ov tests - Asda do them at a decent price & I had no probs with them.

Hope that helps

Good luck

Amanda & Abi bump xx 

15/06/2008 at 19:38

hi julie,

i bought some from the pound shop and they worked,but to make sure i always went and bought a cb or predictor.

good luck

nikki xx 

15/06/2008 at 20:51
Many thanks for your replies, i will buy a couple of good brand names, i am sure im pregnant !!! When I get the BFP I'm going to dance around the room!! I am going to boots in the morning ! P.S: We have twins and triplets in the family so I will have a good chance of a multiple birth ! Thankyou. x
16/06/2008 at 10:42
I got 2 99p ones from bodycare.
took 1, positive
took the other, positive...

and i was only about 3 weeks pregnant when i took the tests!!

5 months later and still pregnant hehe xxxx
16/06/2008 at 12:33
in my profile pic are my 5 year old triplet nephews who were naturally concived, arn't they cute! thanks everyone for your replies. tested today with boots digital and got a BFN. I will test again weds am if not sign of AF by then, please keep ur fingers crossed for me. thanks. x
18/06/2008 at 16:14

i brought 2 from boots for £4.99  and got positive

19/06/2008 at 00:18

hi julie, i bought cheapies from the pound shop which didnt work for me but did for a friend, adsas own are good or cb dig. the only problem is with the cb if your sad like me i still have my pee sticks with there lines still clearly visable the cb dig results go off the screen after 24 hours. with my first pregnancy it was 7 weeks to get a BFP, i tested everyweek! i was buying cb dig off ebay, try having a look, sealed packs, in date just that bit cheaper!

good luck hope your preggers!

vicky n bump

20/06/2008 at 11:57

Hi i bought some cheap ones from the internet and some sainsburys own brand and a got a BFN on the Sainsburys ones until i was 3 days late but a BFP using the cheap ones on the day my period was due. I'm now 15 weeks pregnant.

Good luck Julie x

20/06/2008 at 22:31
I brought two cheap pregnancy test from the chemist they were both negitive.So this time round I brought a clear blue pregnancy test which works as wen i first fell pregnant.So this time I know I will get a good result.
17/07/2008 at 11:06

I used tesco ones for both my boys - they gave me BFP first time.

 Interestingly though, last year I had an ectopic pregnancy and although I was late for period- the CB test gave me a neg. 

A friend bought round some the of cheapy tests from eBay - and I got a positive and a neg.  I ordered some myself, 2 days later  I did 4 of them and got BFP!! I took another CB test and it still gave me a neg!!

Pregnancy hormone doesn't rise as high when the pregnancy is ectopic so I was surprised that CB didn't give me a BFP when I first took it!  

I now have a stash of the eBay ones in my bathroom just in case - I would trust them to tell me from the day I was due - I personally wouldn't test before then anyway

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