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Confused and Scared

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17/09/2009 at 10:31


 Me and my partner have been having unprotected sex for over 2 months - done a few tests but nothing happened as yet.  Did the last test a couple of weeks ago, was negative, but hadn't had a period (was late).

 Started spotting last night which I didn't put down to being anything but the period returning.  Was quite light.

 This morning I terrified myself - I began bleeding really heavily (sorry to be graphic!) and the pain was excruciating - I've had period pains before and this was no period pain! It was throughout my entire top half, absolutely awful and I had to pull over - I have no idea how I didnt crash!

 I rang my other half in tears and my mum - both saying to go to the docs.  I now have an appointment but fear being considered a hypochondriac! I don't even know if I was pregnant, so have no idea if it was a miscarriage or maybe it was just a mega painful period.

 I guess I'm asking for a bit of advice really!

 Amy x

17/09/2009 at 17:38

Hi amy, sounds like you had a really early miscarriage - they can be like a very heavy period and they are painful as you describe, it will be hard for your GP to diagnose this tho as obviously things have started to come away. He wont consider you a hypochondriac tho so dont worry. Your experience sounds very like my own, so thats what i would say it was.

Try not to worry and hopefully next time you WILL carry a pregnancy to term and have a lovely healthy baby to show for it!! all the very best, GOOD LUCK xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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2 messages
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