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Confused and Upset

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01/07/2007 at 17:13
Hi All,

I put a post on here a few months ago as my period was 2 weeks late and all tests showed negative. Had a blood test at the doctors and it showed negative also. I hadn't planned on a pregnancy but it brought to light how much I do want a baby. I have tried to put it out of my mind so much as I get disapointed everytime my period arrives. Actually TTC and having the disapointment every month would devestate me.

Since I was late before, my periods haven't been normal. Only been on for a 3-4 days and normally am on seven but they arrived on time. Was just getting used to it and this month my period is late again (4 days). Was convinced I was pregnant as I constantly feel sick, very tired and emotional. Today had a little bit of old blood but nothing more. Did a test which showed negative. I am at a loss. I don't understand why it's happening. Could I be imagining it all????

Thanks for any advice in advance.

Katie xoxo
01/07/2007 at 18:57
Hi there Katie I have the same prob my cycles where every 28-30days till we started TTC now they go to 36days. The blood could have been spotting or implantation bleeding your not imagining it, this happen's to lots of women it may be you tested to early try waiting 3 days and test again.I've been suffering with nausea,tiredness very emotional and lots of other symptoms and my period isn't late yet I'm due in 2 days I'm really hoping to be pregnant, Good Luck and all the Best really hope I've helped try going on Still Trying 2 Continued thread under General theres lots more women TTC to chat to,have a moan if need be hope to see you there!!!
01/07/2007 at 20:27
Thanks Emma. My fiancee keeps telling me to relax but I don't think he understands how much my mind goes into overdrive when my period is due. I'm OK until it gets to been 2 days late and then it starts. I build myself up and then when it arrives feel down.

I will keep on trying and see what happens. I'm new to it all so a big thanks to the advice. I'll join on the still trying thread. It's nice to talk to people who understand what it feels like and how frustrating it can get.

Hope you get the news you want this month and if not keep trying!

Katie xoxo
01/07/2007 at 21:35
Hi katie.
I am sorry you are so upset. I think most of us on here have felt like that at one point or another! Stress can be a major factor in irregular periods and the stress of trying to conceive can make tour body have phantom pregnancies/symptoms.
I know it is hard to stay calm and relaxed but trying for my second had me so ill I ended up in hospital for three days. I decided to stop trying when i came home as it had taken so long and 6 weeks later i had a positive pregnancy test!
I hope it doesn't take too long for you and that you have a good healthy pregnancywhen you do fall.
Just take this time to prepare physically and mentally. Having a baby is amazing but also very tiring.
Best of luck P xx
01/07/2007 at 21:44
Thanks Philippa, your right I am probably building myself up. It's hard not to but I think I'm going to try and put the thought out of my head. Hopefully when it happens it will be a surprise to both me and my fiancee.

We've been together 8 years now and started going out at 14. We've been through everything together and now want a baby more than anything. It would b the icing on the cake and would be so loved. I let the little things bother me like girls I know who fall pregnant by accident and are, well lets say, not as greatful as people on this website would be. I know of one girl who has 4 kids all to different dads and to her they are just an inconvenience.

God look at me moaning on! Sorry sound like a big old moan!

Will try and stay positive.

Thanks for all your advice and hope everything is going smoothly with your pregnancy (if you haven't already given birth!)

Katie xoxo
02/07/2007 at 11:50
Hi Katie. I know what you mean. I know a girl with 5 kids all to different Dad's! She doesn't even look after them properly, infac she leaves them on their own to go and sleep with other men that she doesn't know!!!
I fell with my first at 22 and me and my then hubby were thrilled. We are now onto baby number three.(due in Jan 08) Our boys are aged 8 and 3.5 and are ace. We do everything together. Swimming, pictures, meals out. Infact the only time we go out without the kids is Christmas or anniversary but most the time we do it as a family or not at all! Thats our choice tho. That's why we had babies to have a family. Not single life.
I would love to have four but I think this will be our last. We have had such big gaps (due to circumstances beyond our control). However if i had just had one I would have been happy.
I was mad this am. I went to asda and a little boy about three year old was in the carpark all alone crying for his mummy and daddy. Another lady got to him the same time as me and took him inside. They found his dad who was shopping and was totally non plused. his re-action was "Well if he runs off thats his fault" If it wasnt't for my friend i would have hit him or given him such a mouthful. I was fumming! It's people like that who don't deserve their children. i think asda should have phoned the police or social services. that little boy could have fallen into the river or onto the main road or been picked up by anyone. I would have been distraught if i had lost mine and he had been outside all alone! What a twat!
Ooopse. best go before i get too irate!
Good luck anyway xxxx
02/07/2007 at 12:27
I would've felt exactly the same as you if I were in that position. I am surprised the people at Asda didn't say anything. They'd have had alot to answer for if the little boy had been hit by a car. God forbid that ever happens though.

It's nice to hear you have two little boys already. I have the same view as you, I want to have children so we can enjoy things together. I'll be one of those Mum's who is always volunteering at school and things. My Mum definately set the standard. ha ha!

My period came this morning properly anyway. I do feel a bit disappointed but at the same time feel a bit relieved. At least now I know I can start planning for this next month. It's been stuck in limbo that gets to me.

And this weather certainly doesn't enlighten my mood! ha ha!

Katie xoxo
02/07/2007 at 14:18
Hi katie.
Oh I am sorry to hear you got your period but it will happen when the time is right. It can take a while too hey?
I can recomend an ovatel. It works of your saliva and tells you when the best time to have sex to concieve is. They are really good and is a one off payment of just £18-19. I got mine off ebay!
My parents were like us too and we had loads of family fun as kids. Caravan holidays, days out, Mam always being available to do stuff at school or if we were ill etc. I work but i do it from home so i can have the best fo both worlds. It's a bit quiet at the mo but maybe i need it like that to concentrate on my pregnancy. I have just ordered somemore business cards from vista print so i will get them out asap and see if we can get some business rolling in LOL!
Best of luck for the baby. Hopfully it won't be long now. xxx
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