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failed pregnancy test

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12/05/2007 at 15:38
Hi there

I have finally decided to have a baby after my boyfriend has asked me to start a family for about a year. Anyway I have just taken a pregnancy test with “clear blue” which proved to be negative as in I’m not pregnant. I did the test on my 28th day of my cycle although I feel my body tells me different.

Do you think the test could be wrong as I feel perhaps I was so looking forward to getting pregnant I may have jinxed myself into getting pregnant in the first place.

What do you recommend??

13/05/2007 at 00:12
Hi Keisha, I personally would wait and keep testing every week from my own experience. I kept getting negative results when i was first pregnant with my daughter and it wasnt until i had missed 3 periods that i finally got a positive. I know how frustrating this is.
My husband and i are ttc our 2nd child with no luck at the moment-i was recently 5 weeks late and did tests which were negative but i still thought i had a glimmer of hope as this happened before when i was expecting my daughter but unfortunately the dreaded AF appeared last night so i guess thats my answer set in stone.
Leave it a week hun and test again, also are you taking folic acid? This is important while you are ttc.
Lynsey x
13/05/2007 at 11:56
Hi Keisha,

I did a pregnancy test when my period was a day late and it was negative. They say you can get a positive result 4 days before your period is due so i assumed i wasn't pregnant. My period still hadn't come a week later and i did another test which was positve...everyones body is different so leave it a week and try again. Good luck. Tanya x x
13/05/2007 at 12:48
Hi Tanya

Thanks for your advice and support it means a lot. I don’t need to do another test as I came on today. I don’t understand in way, as I calculated what I believed to be my most fertile days and made sure I conceived during that time. I guess it was one of those things but I will no doubt try again.

Glad you finally got the results you wanted on the test, good luck with your pregnancy :-)

Many thanks!
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