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HELP! im really worried now!

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07/03/2007 at 18:41
Hi me and my husband are trying for a baby and i stopped the pill last weekend. we decided not to wait 3 months before trying.After reading something on the net im now worried that if i get pregnant straight away i will loose the baby because my uterus wont be strong enough to maintain the pregnancy or the lining wont be thin enough for it to implant properly. Does anyone know if this is true? Im really worried!
07/03/2007 at 19:59

i dont think you need to worry too much hun, i concieved on the pill, and had a very healthy pregnancy and now have a wonderful son. you can drive yourself mad believing everything you read. just relax, and if you are lucky enough to fall on straight away then thats fab. xxxxxx
07/03/2007 at 21:21
Thanx Kathy, there are just so many different opinions out there its hard to know which ones to believe. Im a bit of a worrier and get convinced that if anything bad CAN happen then it WILL happen to me!
07/03/2007 at 22:16
lol you sound like me!
08/03/2007 at 08:14
i know i have to try to relax coz stressing about it especially at such an early stage is gonna send me mad! i guess i should just work on getting pregnant before i worry about keeping it there lol.
08/03/2007 at 08:27

i got my pregnant with my daughter with 2 months being of the pill. she was born healthy 6lb 13, i was on the pill for 7 years when i come off.
08/03/2007 at 09:44
i was on the pill for a ten years, so i was pretty well established in the routine of taing it on time, it will still remain a mystery to me how i fell on! x
08/03/2007 at 16:49
it is strange that you can be on for so long and can fall pregnant so quickly, for some. yet when i went back on the pill this time 2 years and have come off for baby 2, it is taking longer nearly 7 months now!! x
08/03/2007 at 21:28
the thing that annoyed me was, when i told people i was pregnant, i know they were all thinking oh she will have missed one or been ill, but thats simply not the case. i was forever trying to justify myself when if someone had fell on with a torn condom there would be nothing but sympathy for them!

i was meticulous with my pill but i was one of the .2% maybe i should buy a lotterty lol
09/03/2007 at 08:33

end of day things happen, whatever people think about it.
i too was very good with my pill, i didn't have that two percent thou!! maybe you should buy ticket!?
09/03/2007 at 10:10
Does anyone remember how they felt a few days after stopping the pill? I stopped taking it Sunday and i feel terrible.Im bleeding really heavilly ( sorry to be graphic) and have a really bad headache that wont shift. I dont remember it been like this last time i stopped it??
09/03/2007 at 10:48
sorry to hear your feeling poorly babe, the only time i stopped the pill was when i found out i was up the duff so i dont think my symptoms apply.

it takes alot for your body to adjust and if you think about it, if you were on the combined pill, when you stopped for your break you would have a withdrawl bleed anyway, your natural periods are genearally heavier than pill ones as the pill usually keeps the lining of the womb in a constant state, so it doesnt thicken too much therefore you dont bleed much.

i think its a good sign that your body s starting to get back to normal, as in the first couple of months when i had my son and i wasnt on the pill my period was very very heavy. dont know about the headaches though hun, if your period is as heavy as you say it might be taking its toll, when i was anaemic after i had my son i used to have the worst headaches, but you also get headaches for lots of other reasons!

09/03/2007 at 13:01
Thanks Kathy, im feeling a little better now. My hubby came home from work and said i might be dehydrated so i have been forcing water down my neck for the last couple of hours and fingers crossed i think he might have been right ( i wont tell him that though coz i will never hear the end of it! :) )
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