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lh ovulation strips

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18/06/2007 at 18:22
well iv just done another ov test and the line was just slightly lighter than the test line - is it best if we bonk as much as we can or just once a day for the next few days?


Chrissy xx
18/06/2007 at 18:47
Get bonking lol. Once a day will do but the sperm will sit there for 72 hours to wait for the egg. xx
18/06/2007 at 21:02
We will - dont wanna tire hubby out, he is still off work with a bad back, which is due to my excessive demands last month we think - lol, Fingers crossed for us this month....thanks

Chrissy xx
18/06/2007 at 21:16
That made me laff. With baby number two my husband never touched me for weeks after i found out i was pregnant. he said he was knackered and he felt used, that i only wnted him for his sperm and not him. Which want true at all...well not totally. I wanted him and his sperm!LOL
If he is off owrk then you have him on tap so to speak! Ha-Ha. It's great and it is so wonderful to get that first positive test. Best of luck xxx
19/06/2007 at 09:46
yes, think my hubby feels a bit like that too - they dont like it when we dont want it then cant handle it if we demand it all the time - typical men hey!! Cant wait til i get a positive too....

Chrissy xx
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21 to 25 of 25 messages
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