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loving baby number 2

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12/05/2006 at 22:15
emily-jade is now 9months old and we are ttc our 2nd child. emily-jade is the be all and end all of my life and i cant describe how much i love her and dote on her, but i cant imagine being able to love another child as much as i do emily-jade. is this an abnormal feeling? im a little scared of having our 2nd child and not being able to love him/her as much. i know it sounds horrible. my gran said she felt the same way and you just do love the 2nd as much.
has anyone else ever felt the same way? i do hope im not alone with this feeling.
x x x
13/05/2006 at 01:12
Don't worry I felt the same way my son was 6 when his little brother was born. You can't even visualise loving another child the same and didn't bond with bump compared to 1#. But a wise mother told me your love doesn't half it doubles!!! And the min i seen little Judes face I fell inlove with him, must warn you though its not the loving that bothers you its the no time factor,Ryan broke my heart always seemed to be exclude which upset me. Just make sure her lil bro/sis brings her a nice toy kids are better growing up 2gether my ryan is lost for company??
Hope tis helps a bit.....
love debbie xxxxx
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2 messages
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