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Ovulation strips

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11/05/2010 at 16:10

Hiya all

just wanted a low down on ovulations strips!! when is the best time to use them morn/noon/night?

also i have been using them for the past 3 days, i used them at 3pm each day - first one barely a line, second day more of a line, third day a very clear but not as dark as the control line but very very close! will do one again tomorrow

i know it says on the packets etc that u have to have the same colour or darker than the control line but does this mean im due to ovualte with how dark the lines are getting or does that mean nothing at all as it needs to be darker line to be classed at ov/or soon to ov.  i have done these test before and have had nothing to a faintish line but the one i have done today is the darkest i have ever had and im on CD 23 but my cycles have been anything from 28-42 days?

if anyone can shed some light pleeeeeease do!!

11/05/2010 at 19:14


i cant really say as i never got it i thought they never worked for me as i would get a line but it says it has to match the control line to indicate you ov'ing.....i never got a line as dark as that but i know im ov'ing as iv got a baby and just mc

sorry chick hope your ok tho and you had a good holiday, im currently on 2 or 3 days past ovulation so we shall see in a week or so if iv fell this month

18/05/2010 at 20:06

Hi, I have used the clearblue ones and more recently amazon do some really cheap, non brand name. Although being quite naive I thought if I bought the sticks and got a positive result then I would have getting pregnant sorted. hum.. blatantly not!

Also, not sure its great to be pinpointing when you are trying for like 2 days a month, which I found I started to do. But I did find it comforting to at least know that I was ovulating, and doing something constructive.

 But in terms of reading them, I have had the same as you, so for the first day nothing, next day a very faint line, like almost not there, then the third day I got a stronger line but its never as much as what the leaflet says.

best of luck to you.

29/06/2012 at 09:28

im glad to know im not the only one struggling to try - im 23 and have been trying nearly 2 years... it's hard to see everyone around me pregnant!.... adverts upset me and i feel a failure - i have caught once but lost it at 5 weeks!,,,, so i think at least i can catch? or was it just 3 clear blue tests that were dud!.... NOT FAIR!!!!

01/07/2012 at 21:53

Hey Gem Louise,

don't loose faith!  We were TTC for 6 months after a m/c last year and now were due in oct. We used cheapy ovulation strips just twice/thrice a month around the time it worked out i should have been ovulating and found that the best and most effective time to take them was round about midday. We found that if there was a light test line then i would test again the following day and if it was the same or darker i knew i was about to ovulate, if it was the reverse and was no darker and slightly lighter or not there at all , ovulation had past. Hope this helps as i really do know how it feels ( although our 6 months was nothing compared to your 2 years of ttc ) . Sending you baby dust !! 

Katie x

02/07/2012 at 00:00
Hi gem. It is really hard, I never imagined I would be 30 and still ttc #1 but here I am! We have been ttc for just over 4 years now, like you, I know I can get pregnant as I have done 3 times but unfortunately I miscarried each time, first at 7wks, then 8wks and the mist recent was a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks. It is a tough time and as hard as it us I find staying positive helps. There are a few ladies on the ttc 2012 thread - why don't you come and join us there, it is a little quiet at the mo so we need more ttcers! Xxx
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