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Reader poll: How long did it take you to conceive?

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09/06/2005 at 11:46
I just saw Chloe's message on the other thread and it got me thinking, it's one thin reading all the percentages in the text books, but that's all a bit absract so what about real experiences? What happened to us.

I'll kick off.

Time on the pill: 5 years
First cycle: 33 days (usually 29)
Time to get pregnant: 4 months (after a 3-month wait to clear the pill out of my system that I read in some book that I now think is rubbish!)

09/06/2005 at 20:09
On pill: 8 years with a couple of breaks
1st cycle off pill: one day longer than usual
time to get pregnant: 14 months and still waiting!
28/07/2005 at 15:25
I didn't come off the pill as I was using an UID, but hope my response is still relevant?

Time to get pregnant: 11 months. But I can't say we were really trying for the first five or so, we just went on as normal. After that I decided to be a bit more pro-active and read up about cycle prediction so we were at least vaguely aware of when a 'good time' was. But I didn't track my cycles religiously and we didn't necessarily rush to the sack everytime it was a good time, as I wanted sex to remain as sex and not become just about making babies.
14/08/2005 at 10:58
On the pill for 5 years
Came off the pill and was pregnant 2 months later, i didnt wait for the three months as you are supposed to be at you most fertile when you first come off the pill.
My friend came off the pill last month and is already pregnant she been on the pill for 8 years except for a gap to have her first child.
29/08/2005 at 10:35
Well, I can post here now.

On pill for 18 months.
Came off pill 7 cycles ago and tried not to conceive for the first two so had an idea of cycle. Just got BFP.
21/06/2006 at 08:46
On dianette for three years..took four months to conceive..I waited three months for the pill to be out of my system and periods returning. Now 6 weeks pregnant
07/07/2006 at 14:51
Was on Lo Estrin for 18 years (yes 18 years) without any break at all. Came off the pill and started trying a month later. Was pregnant 3 months after that, so total time since coming off the pill to getting pregnant was 4 months.
16/09/2006 at 10:07
Was on the pill for 15 years, although they had precribed different ones over the years i have never actually had a break from them. Came off the pill and just found out i am pregnant it had taken me 8 months.
16/09/2006 at 18:24
Hi i was on the pill for 3 years and fell pregnany whilst on it!! I suppose someone has to be in the 1%!!
I fell for my second straight away after coming off the pill after 6 mths and fell pregnant with the one i'm currently carrying whilst using condoms. (didn't notice a split one!)
Maybe me and my parnter are very fertile, although i have read that women are at their most fertile at the age of 24, which i am!!!

Louise xx
17/09/2006 at 04:53
I had IUD removed in February. We waited 2 months for my cycle to re-establish (23 days between periods) started trying in April, started using ovulation strips in June & got pregnant early July. So 4 months I guess (including for the short length of my cycle).

17/09/2006 at 19:42
Used 'Persona' for over a year to aid rhythm method of contraception - got pregnant straight away!
17/09/2006 at 22:47
Had an emergency pill at 14 got pregnant and misscarried, went on pill at 14, missed pills for 3 days when 17 fell pregnant but thought i was to young, at 21 met my partner 7 months later abbey was concieved after 3 months of trying, abbey 7 months and fell pregnant with sam took 3 months and wasnt on pill. Taking pill after sam and had to change cause doctor was unable to get my usual one and i missed it for 2 days, i am now nearly 20 weeks pregnant, and was shocked when found out but when you list it like this you think how stupid am i, but we are pleased life is set to try us :)
18/09/2006 at 10:53
Was on pill for 6 years (LoEstrin), forgot to get represcription in time in Feb this yr and so started taking it again 1 week late.... fell pregnant immediately! Baby is due 10th November and so far it's the best mistake I've ever made! Should have known to be careful as my mum has also been on the pill all her adult life and had no trouble conceiving each time she came off it to have me and my 2 brothers.
18/09/2006 at 15:19
Was on the pill for 13 years on & off,got married & came straight of it didnt what i call try just carried on as normal & got pregnant after six months but then had an early miscarrige & then got pregnant 4 months later with joe who is now two.Went back on the pill as soon as i could after having him & then when he was a year old came of it again,after six months still hadnt conceived so decided to check out when was most fertile time as didnt have a clue about anything like that & got pregnant that month now currently 31 weeks pregnant with identical twins!!
25/09/2006 at 22:46
Time on the pil - 10 years.
Cycle - 28days
Cycle after 1st pregnancy - 24days
Started trying for baby as soon as we got married. after 4yrs was about to start IVF when fell pregnant. Never bothered with pil again. Now pregnant with son number 4 (there is 2yrs 1mnth between each) Did try Mirena coil after 3rd babe but I couldn't get on with it. prefer natural family planning :o)
26/09/2006 at 10:59
I had my Mirena coil taken out on 15th June and am now 8 weeks pregnant!!!
26/09/2006 at 12:30
I have been on the pill for 13 years. I was trying to conceive with my ex (who I was with for 4.5 yrs) for 7 months but luckily never fell! (Obviously for a reason!!!)

Have been with my new man for 6 months and was still on pill (Cilest). I have always missed a few pills and never fallen so I wasn't concerned when I missed pills recently. I done a test as I was late and it was positive!!! I'm about 6 - 6.5 weeks now, never been pregnant before but just want to make it to the 12 week stage without any problems.
21/12/2006 at 14:37
Have been on the pill 4 years, came off it May 2004 and fell pg the nxt month with my little boy, now 20months. Went straight back on pill after having him. Came off again end of Nov this year and think i am about 3 1/2 wks pg again although yet to test!!
28/12/2006 at 21:39
Hi Michelle i fell pregnant whilst taking cilest with my 1st. I didn;t even miss one i'm just one of the lucky 1% who fall pregnant on the pill!!!

Louise xx
13/03/2007 at 19:53
Well after being on the pill for 2 years then coming off a month ago i've fell in my first month and feel very lucky as a friend of mine has now been trying for 6 months and still nothing i just think the best thing is to relax and enjoy yourselfs rather then thinking about getting pregnant to hard as this can take the fun out of it and make sex feel like a choir and not what its ment to be !

louise x
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