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trying to lose weight before ttc baby no.2

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10/02/2010 at 08:31

   Just wondering if there is anyone who is also trying to lose weight before getting pregnant. I have always been big but have never been able to shift the weight. i was about 16 stone when i had my first baby and was lucky that i lost a stone through pregnancy (being sick!) Myself and hubby feel it is time to have another baby but I really don't want to be this size (i'm 17 stone just now) when i become pregnant. I have been off the pill for nearly 9 months and nothing has happened and i think it has a lot to do with my weight. I'm not trying to lose weight just to have a baby , i do want to lose weight for other reasons but I don't want to keep putting off having a baby because of my weight. Is anyone else going through the same? How did you do it? Would love to hear from anyone going through similar.


10/02/2010 at 13:37

Hi SJ2

I am about 18 months away from ttc for no.2. But after a lot of health problems in my first pregnancy, I have made it my mission to lose weight and tone up so I can avoid the problems I had first time round.

I was about 85kg (13.3 stones) when I fell pregnant, which is still quite a lot for my height (5ft 5.5) and christ knows what I weighed when I got to the end of my pregnancy, but I craved mcdonalds and ate a lot of it, I had to give up work so did no exercise. When I finally braved weighing myself when my daughter was 8 months I weighed 15stone 1. I'm now down to 14 stone 2lbs, which is more than I'd like, I lost a stone through slimming world, and I'm not at the gym trying to tone up, I've regained some shape in just a month at the gym and I'm SO glad.

We are going to try for no.2. after our wedding which is in 18 months, so two VERY good reasons to lose weight and tone up.

You're not alone

11/02/2010 at 09:54

    Hi SJ, thank you for your reply and well done on your weight loss. I have given myself to about May/June to lose as much weight as I can then we will start ttc. I probably won't be as slim as i like but am hoping i will be a lot healthier.

  My sister is getting married next July and I'm her bridesmaid so am also trying to lose weight for that. So, I really haven't given myself a lot of time to get some weight off.

Since January the 10th I have lost just over 1/2 a stone so I am happy but I know I really need to get more weight off. I think if I can get as much weight off before I'm pregnant then it won't be so bad after I have a baby. I'm eating low fat and trying to eat plenty veg and fruit. I'm doing some exercise but probably not enough. Did you find once you started the gym you started losing more weight/change shape? I just don't want my weight getting in the way of how i live anymore. I've put off having another baby because of my weight and i'm so annoyed with myself because i could have got this weight off already.

Good luck with your weight loss. it is good to know I'm not on my own. Thanks


11/02/2010 at 10:14


I have always struggled with my weight and at my heaviest was abou 17 stone too, and Im only 5 foor so it was really bad for me!! I dropped 6 stone for my wedding by doing exercise classes and going to the gym, Id put a few punds on efore I had Freya and when I was pregnant I put nearly all of it back on! last year on my birthday in april I was 15.5 stone and Im now down to 14 though going back to doing classes at the gym and the wii fit plus!! the best diet I found when I was loosing for my wedding was to cut out meat nearly all together and we ate quorn instead and loads of salad, vegetables, rice and other grains but not a lot of pasta. Im trying to do it slower this time because it just didn't stay off when I went back to eating normally! if you cut somethingo ut completely you can't ever go back to eating it regularly or all the weight will come back on!!

Its a case of finding out what works for you, foods marketed as low fat are very often full of sugars and salts to try and make up for the lack of taste! the same with low sugar alternatives what are they putting in them to make them taste sweet? many of the artificial sweetners affect your metabolism so you don't burn calories as quickly.

At the moment I am just doing everything in moderation, don't use low fat spead because it makes you think you can use more of it, that isn't the case, we use proper butter but just a bit of it you don't need as much because it tastes so much better! we still have pizza occasionally, I have a 1/3 of a thin and crispy chees and tomatoe one with a salad.

I won't go into what I eat evey day lol but I try to cook a meal from freash everyday and have smaller portions, snack on fruit and have the occaisional treat! if I do fall of the wagon (into a pile of cadburys!!) I don't beat myself up about it but just start again the next day.

I want to be all slim again before number 2 in a year or so, its a brilliant incentive, you really need to stop feeling annoyed with yourself and love who you are!! you're a mummy and doing the ight thing with your weight and health.

good luck you're definately not alone!!!

vicky xxx

11/02/2010 at 10:20

Well done on losing over half a stone! It's going in the right direction!

I started slimming world and lost about 10.5lbs, and I noticed it off my face definately. Then when I started at the gym, my actual weight was fluctuating (which can happen as you often retain water when exercising) but I noticed my bum and hips getting smaller and my abdomen looking smaller. I know I'm never going to be my ideal weight for my height which is actually around 9 stone, I'd be happy to be 11 stone. Purely because I am a very busty lady and they weigh around a stone each.

I know the feeling of your weight stopping you moving forward with your life. I find I don't want to go out because I don't feel confident and I don't feel happy with how I look. And like you say, its stopped you ttc, because you arent happy. But now having set a date for the wedding and therefor a date for ttc again, I have a deadline to get this weight off, and its helping a lot.

The important thing is, you're doing something about it. You're making sure you're going to be fitter and healthier for your child/future children and so you can enjoy them!

11/02/2010 at 10:23

Hi Vicky,

funny you should mention the quorn, because its classed as a 'super free food' in slimming world because it's so low in fat so you can eat as much of it as you like. I have been eating a lot of quorn, but at the moment I'm trying to cut out a lot of my carbs as I eat far too many starchy carbs and should be consuming more fibrous carbs (like broccoli and spinach etc) and I'm eating very lean meat. Which helps with hubby to be being a body builder.

We will all get slimmer together


11/02/2010 at 19:10
yay! we will !! I was going to say we were eating quorn cause I was loosely following the green days on slimming world, my MIL has lost 5 stone so far on it!! but I thought Id said enough lol!!! xxx
11/02/2010 at 19:41
hehe, I haven't been following Slimming World since christmas - but the mentality is always there lol
12/02/2010 at 23:58

 Hey there vicky and SJ, thanks for your replies it really makes me feel i'm not alone. I'm about 5ft 5 and i would love to be about 11 stone too as like you SJ i have a big bust and i'm blaming them for me being so heavy! Think when it comes to losing weight, and losing weight to keep it off you have to make small changes and you definately can't go back to how you ate before. Ive come to the conclusion that you have to eat healthy but eat foods you enjoy too and i'm sure it is the exercise that really helps, i felt muscles today in my arms that i haven't felt for ages. It's great. having a focus helps too and my sister is tall and slim and her other bridesmaid is the same so i def dont want to be piggy in the middle. Best you can do is just keep at it and trying. Ive never done slimming world but my sister-inlaw and mil are on it. Ive never tried quorn either but i will now!

sj x

19/02/2010 at 13:10

Hi all,

I'm trying to lose weight too as I think it might be affecting my chances of TTC.  I'm currently 13.3 stone, having put on 5 pounds over the last fortnight as I have been on hols.  I lost 3 stone through weightwatchers and the gym for my wedding 5 years ago and I started dieting last year after seeing several colleagues drop around 4 stone each.  I lost half a stone through stopping snacking - crisps are my downfall - but plateaued with ww cos I wasn't doing exercise.  I've now joined the gym at work and plan to get back on track next week.  My DH goes to the gym 4 times a week but he puts on weight easily and often skips meals, making up for them by eating lots of bread so he is about 3 stone overweight too.  I'm hoping that we can encourage each other as we're both quite motivated to get some weight off before the summer.

16/07/2012 at 18:13
Hi there everyone my lil one is 3this year and we are now trying 4 baby number 2 I have put on about 3stone since I had her can anyone help really want other baby now x
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