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TTC 2011 - a shiny new 'good luck' thread!

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07/12/2011 at 13:31

Congratulations to Katie.

Interview is today, in a couple of hours.  Getting rather nervous about that now, I think it's because my current job is going so it's I have to get this one.  Trying to remain calm.

Symptoms, mmmm not sure, breasts feel a bit heavy and sometimes tender from one direction if that makes sense   felt a bit sick the other day but I think it would be too early for that sort of symptom (?)

I'm glad that Jacob is better now.

Heidi, it will happen when it's the right time

You know it's Christmas when you hear Wham! 

07/12/2011 at 14:43
Em- yes Oliver knows all about Santa so v excited but he's got hand foot and mouth found out today . Think I ovulated fri/sat. I say think as that's what fls in with time and cm. Stopped doing temps and opk as they were driving me potty! Have u tried opk? Not sure how reliable temp taking is? Tesco do some cheap opkits. Heidi - know exactly how u feel but i think u only get to hear about people that fall quickly! There's loads that don't straight away they just don't talk about it xx
07/12/2011 at 20:32

Evening ladies x

Jackie - How did the interview go? when will you find out if you have got it? fx for you x Not sure if I have asked - do you have any other children? ... what cd & dpo are you? how long is your normal cycle? not sure on symptoms as not sure where you are x

ELb - Aahhhh (hugs) for Oliver x Is he feeling poorly with it or carrying on? Ive not tried opk's - how many do you get in one pack? If my cycle goes on like it has been I may need several packs!! 

Heidi hope you are feeling a little more hopeful lovely x

Well no change here! Im waiting still ... Not going to let it get to me - focusing on Christmas!

Our TTC Ladies 7/12/11

Karen - 45 - TTC#9 since July 11 whilst b/feeding - CD41

Carol - 37 - TTC#5 since Nov 11 - CD21

Elb - 31 - TTC#2 since July 10 - mmc Dec 10 - CD19 of 25-30

Beth M - 29 - TTC#1 sine June 08, mc Sept 09, mc June 10, mmc Sept 11 - CD10

Heidi - 29 - TTC#2 since Oct 11 - CD6 of 28-39

Farmers Wife - TTC since June 08, 3rd round of clomid - CD5 of 26-31

Em - 33 - TTC#2 since Nov 11 - CD?? no cycle sine pg feb10

Lots of baby dust to all out lovely TTC ladies xxxx

07/12/2011 at 21:19
Em-he's ok at the mo, was really sick last night bit seems a lot better now. I think u get about 8 or 10. I've not read all the previous mails but have u just stopped bf? Xx
07/12/2011 at 21:49

Hi Emma - that was a quick name change! hope he feels much better tomorrow x I finished completely about a week ago but before that was only doing a small morning and evening feed...I was on mini pill straight after having Jacob and I dont have AF when on it.  I stopped taking it after about a month of haphazardly taking it (normally if I miss just one AF will arrive) but I have had nothing for ages x

07/12/2011 at 22:01
Yeah thought I wud cos most others using first name! Am sure I read somewhere that it takes 6 weeks to Have AF but you can have ovulated by then anyway! Some people get pg without having AF at all xx
07/12/2011 at 22:19

Right well since stopping pill properly 1st week in November possibly a little before its been about 4.5/5 weeks and from completely stopping b/f about 1 week ago - so possibly another 4 weeks.... seems a really long time to have to wait for AF! I will be so happy when she finally turns up!

08/12/2011 at 10:01

Hi Em,

Not sure if interview went well, was going okay until I met the Director, who joined for the last 2 minutes and asked two questions which I'd already answered!  Said they would let know before Christmas but also that it's a two stage interview.  I'm still trying to work out who would meet in second interview when already met the key people   anyway we'll see.  I don't want to stress about getting a job too much cause that might affect TTC.

No we don't have any other children so we are trying for our first.  OH's mum is so excited, she's already telling everyone, even strangers that there might be a baby soon

I think I am around a 28-32 day cycle but always been a bit irregular, not long come off the mini pill (didn't take it quite as should for the last few months) so it might still be a bit erratic and also told I have PCOS.

and because my last one was a bit strange I think that now makes it CD25 and DPO 10.

I hope you get it soon Em, at least then you know where you are.  It's horrible when you keep thinking have I, and get to the stage that you just want it - still find those adverts hilarious where they do rollerblading and have a party when they have them, must have been a man who came up with that idea

Emma B, I hope Oliver is feeling better soon.  Don't want him to be poorly over Christmas, is he on antibiotics?

08/12/2011 at 16:21
Em - yeah its still quite early if u only finished bf a week ago so it wil turn up soon am sure Magenta - yes he's on anti b's as he has ear infection as well . I hate this wait now post ov xx
08/12/2011 at 19:30

Evening ladies x

Jackie - hopefully you will get a lovely suprise from the job for an extra xmas gift x We havent told anybody about ttc I love keeping secrets (Im a big kid 'I know something you dont know' and all of that!) I would love not to tell people until well into pg to keep it to ourselves for a while. My last pg symptoms include DPO 3 i was sick (may have eaten something ick) DPO 10 bb's started to get tender - may be a good sign! xx Lol -definately a man! - you wouldnt catch me rollerblading on or off AF - far too much like exercise!!

Speaking about exercise - Beth hows the keep fit regime going? xx

Emma - arrr still sending (big hugs) to Oliver xx

Still no AF BUT My temps rose again this morning - It may be a sign i have ov'ed waiting to see what ff thinks tomorrow fx that im on the home straight to AF

How is everyone else doing? xx

08/12/2011 at 20:06
I have decided it operation Christmas this weekend, Am going to get all presents, wrap them and do cards by sunday night.....wish me luck!! Xx
08/12/2011 at 21:44

Good luck! Can you come do mine whem youre done!? ....please

09/12/2011 at 15:27

Oh dear, poor little mite.  Ear infections are nasty.

Could be a good sign then Em  

Good luck Emma!  Hopefully the shops not too bad this weekend, I've still got to get for OH, wrap presents tonight to deliver to my family this weekend cause we go away next weekend to spend with his family.

Have a lovely weekend ladies

09/12/2011 at 22:23

Hi Ladie,

Thanks em for inviting me to TTC2011.

Me and my fiance have now been TTC#2 (Second Baby) for 16 months now, as we really would love to have a second baby & for our little girl to have a little brother or sister. It's so hard and heart braking when every month comes and I get my hope's high and then I come on. that's 16 period's now. I starting to feel like I should give up but really dont want to. TTC our first baby was so easy. it didnt even take a month. I feel like im letting myself, my fiance and my daughter down. Please ladie's give me some advice. HELP!!!

Hope to here from someone soon.

09/12/2011 at 22:45

Hi Jessie x So glad you have come to join us.  Firstly you are not letting anybody down please dont think that, I can assure you that neither your partner or your little girl think that.  TTC is an emotional rollercoaster and it can take some longer than others and its not fair.  This board has been so supportive for me - I have learnt so much - it would be lovely to get to know you xxx

09/12/2011 at 22:51

Hi ladies!

ive not been on for a few months! theirs alot of new names so Hi all and good luck!

just wanted to see how beth was getting on?? hope you are ok? whats happening now?

we have still had no joy, its been 3.5 years now!! but saw Dr at hosp tues and he say my scan are normal and he seem happy and had given us 3 months of clomid but at a higher dose of 1 tab whereas b4 it was half tab and ive started taking pregnacare preconcieve after reading the article in the mail! and the Dr also said a glass of wine helps so i trying that now haha!

i wont add myself to list as im trying to stay chilled etc as otherwise it takes over! so good luck all and i may lurk now and then



09/12/2011 at 23:00

Hi em,

Im glad i joined to, it's nice to get a reply unlike the other site's iv been to.

What is it i am doing wrong?  

it's good to know i can now talk to someone who is TTC aswell.

I am going to the doctor's on monday, just got to get my confidence together so i can confront my doctor about my problem with TTC. I see something before on the internet saying even if you have kid's already and it dont matter how younge you are, you should see a doctor after a year of TTC if nothink is happening or if you are concerned.

well I will keep in touch with you to let you know how it goes. and thank's em. would like to get to know you to. xxx

09/12/2011 at 23:18

Your not doing anything wrong x Start at the begining with your Dr. they will be supportive, write down some questions and write down what they say, when your feeling anxious it can be really confusing trying to remember what was actually said when you step outside their door.  Do let us know what they say x What have you tried already? temperature/position of cervix/mucous changes/ovulation predictor kits?

Im sat in being the responsible adult tonight whist dh is out on the tiles! Wish I knew how to work the play station/lovefilm as TV is awful tonight!


09/12/2011 at 23:25

Lol Yer that's men for ya, luckly i do know how to use the playstation. defo will take down what the doctor say's and with jot down some questions for myself to ask my doc. I tryed temp but never seem's to change, i know about mucous changes, i try that every month. not tryed ovulation predictor kits. and i know it sound silly but what do u mean by ovulation predictor kits?

also my fiance said how much are the films on lovefilm? lol men hay.


09/12/2011 at 23:40

There is a great free site fertilityfriend that can help you chart shifts in your basal body temperature - you need a digital thermometer (to 2 decimal places) - you take your temperature every morning as soon as you wake - before you move before you speak before dh cuddles you! - BBT (basal boody temperature) is your body's resting temperature and you should see a thermal shift after you have ovulated - its something that will help you (once you have done it a couple of times) as using this method you get to know when to expect ov. OPK's (ovulation predictor kits) work by measuring (i think its) the lutenising hormone which is present in ovulation - ive not used them but they basically predict when you are ovulating - you basically take a urine sample and test it with a strip or hold it under urine flow. If its positive its time to bd (do the baby dance!)  The little swimmers can survive a number of days inside so best to do leading up to ov and the day of ...

Tell DH love film (I think you get 6 weeks free at the begining (and you can cancel at any point) but you basically sign up for a package think we pay £9.99 a month dont think you get tied into a contract - unlimited downloads and up to 2 discs out in post at a time can keep them as long as you want (dont quote me!) think there were cheaper and more expensive packages too x

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