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TTC 2011 - a shiny new 'good luck' thread!

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22/12/2011 at 21:25

Heidi I was just googling and I found a thread on that suggests that a pre ov bbt below 97.4 could be an indicator of low progesterone - I googled the symptoms of that too - it may even explain my arthritis, dark circles around my eyes and foggy thinking to name but a few from the list! Im off to find out how to go about getting progesterone supplements xx

22/12/2011 at 21:46

Sorry to keep posting - Beth mc is listed as a symptom too - on your April 10 & June 2011 cycles your bbt was much lower than 97.4 - Could it be worth speaking to your doctor about? just a thought lovely x sorry if its already been considered x

22/12/2011 at 22:26

 the wicked witch got me and even worse em on my birthday!!!!! which was the 20th so back to the drawing board for me ah well early days yet my baby was 3 yesterday so been busy wi birthdays and getting ready for xmas will pop on again 2moro xxx

22/12/2011 at 22:50

oh carol so sorry (((big hugs))) I was so hoping for you.  As you said is good your busy - it helps to occupy the mind - Happy Birthday to your l'ilun (was there a party?) and to you to hope the witch didnt completely ruin your day xxx 

23/12/2011 at 07:47

BBT 35.53 / 95.05 Heidi  and that was after id got up to sort Jacob out - my graph is on a steep descent downwards :S

23/12/2011 at 17:52


Carol - sorry witch got you but sounds like you have exciting things happening at the moment.

Em - low temps can also be a sign of hypothyroidism which I do have but did have my medication checked recently so assume that is ok. Took temp this morning (having slept all night - yay!) 6:10 am was 96.8 then when I woke up two hours later was 97.45 which is quite a jump! I will keep an eye on temperature but I do take it orally and I think I sleep with my mouth open and it has been cold. Don't know if that might affect it? Yours seems very low is it definitely accurate?

Xanthe is finally seeming better and slept from 7pm to 8:10am with only one brief waking up! As it seems I still haven't ovulated this is good news as need some energy for bding.

Nearly Christmas!

Heidi x

23/12/2011 at 18:10

Hi Heidi,

Not long got back from doctors and picking Jacob up - temps definately accurate - dr just taken and confirmed lower than what would expect - Ive got a blood test after Christmas to check for hyperthyroidism - I hadnt even realised and would explain alot more than the low progesterone - some of the things I thought were just normal like lower back pain (which admittedly is getting worse lately) and my heart racing for no reason when resting in evening -  my temps still down at early 95's now! whats the difference hypo & hyper? Glad Xanthe finally in a better sleep pattern - gosh this is going to be a long cycle for you hope ov happens soon for you x

DH stayed with Jacob last night (isnt really like Jacob to wake after he has been put down - is unusual) he didnt go to sleep til 3 and was up at 6 - so I could sleep, thinks he knows am feeling a bit run

Yay 2 Sleeps to go!! xx

24/12/2011 at 13:47

Hi everyone,

sorry aint been on for a while, just so bizzy with christmas, I cant wait it's only 1 sleep.

Wont be on tomorrow so merry christmas to all, hope you all have a great day.

(EM) 2WW is taking long. But hopefully this is my month. As I am due on period around 1st  of january. Finger's Crossed.

Hope everyone is ok & hope all is going well for everyone this year.

well i'll speak to you all proberly boxing day or day after, as I am of to mother in law's in the morning. Save's me cooking LOL.

Well speak to you all soon.

Load's & Load's of baby dust to all xxx


24/12/2011 at 15:44

Hey Em,

Good thing to get thyroid checked. Hypo means it is underactive and does not produce enough thyroxine, hyper means it is overactive and produces too much. My temps were low when I was trying for Xanthe and then increased my medication, temps went up and I fell that month. May have to investigate temps further if mine stay low. However I cannot really rely on this month as haven't always had a block of sleep beforehand and have read that can make them go up or down so think I will have to monitor next month. Though they were low at times last month but only had my blood checked in November. Only thing is if you do have a thyroid problem you have to be consultant led during your pregnancy, but you might not get pregnant at all if it's not detected. My temp was 97.05 when Xanthe woke this morning - then realised it was only 4:30am! All went back to sleep and it was 97.58 at 8:30am which is encouraging.

Merry Christmas to all,

Heidi x

24/12/2011 at 16:20

Afternoon All!

Heidi - I have me one tired l'il boy ... hes got a nasty cough and had me up most of the night - I feel like ive been hit with the sick stick too.  My temps were up 36.06/96.90 this morning (after hovering as low as 34.8 last night - was so close to calling NHS to make sure I was ok) - not sure if I was actually resting between poorly Jacob and rotten drunk DH ... HOpefully they will go up a bit more tomorrow and I'll feel a bit better - Im still terribly cold.  Hope Xanthe (and Jacob)sleeps better tonight.  What is the difference between consultant led and who ever else leads? (Not sure but think I got passed to consultant at end because of problems with Jacobs Kidneys/Bladder) Think that they said would do more scans the 2nd time around too to make sure same problems dont happen again - I sincerely hope not really want to get to the end on my own - Hope this rise isnt my ov I dont feel well enough to bd... Is good your temps rose xxx

Jessie - Sorry 2ww is taking its time - focus on tomorrow and New year - fx af doesnt turn up x

Santa's in Malaysia as we speak! (Watching him on Norad) x Em x

24/12/2011 at 17:25

Evening all.

Em - I was diagnosed with Graves' Disease which is when you have an overactive thyroid. Its controlled with tablets (I have to take 6 per day). It can take a while for your thyroid to react to medication but its worth getting sorted out as if its not sorted it can cause higher risk of mc in early pregnancy. Good luck!

Feeling a bit rubbish today, sore tummy, fees like period pains so I'm guessing the treatment hasn't worked.  But have to wait until 28th to test. I've got some of those first response tests and I was considering testing tomorrow to see if we were going to get the Christmas present we'd asked Santa for, but don't think there's much point and it would only upset me if it was BFN. Best wait until 28th to be sure.

Happy Christmas to everyone, hope you all have a fabulous day xx

26/12/2011 at 20:58

merry christmas all x

27/12/2011 at 08:59

Hello everyone,

Well fertility friend has decided Ihave finally oved but I think it may have been a day earlier than they said. Still bded around the time so fingers crossed though I don't feel overly hopeful!

Farmerswife - probably best to wait. BFNs are rubbish and if you do it early you do not believe it anyway!

Em - usually people are midwife led but I expect you would have been consultant led at the end and you might be consultant led next time anyway. Just means extra appointments usually, though one consultant I saw knew less than me and told me to increase my thyroxine when my level was less than two until I pointed out a TSH of under 2 is a good thing so she was like 'Oh yes, stay as you are then!' Best to be clued up.

Hope everyone had lovely Christmasses,

Heidi x

27/12/2011 at 18:46

Evening all, I hope everyone had a lovely christmas sending my love for the new year and lots of baby dust xx

Merry Christmas to you to Harry & Georges Mum x Hope you had an exciting Christmas x

Farmerswife - thanks - I dont like the idea of taking medication but if it will make me feel better I would do most things - Would be lovely just to get rid of the sore throat, and feeling shattered all the time.  Sorry you were feeling a bit low the other day hope that you are feeling more positive; Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for your test tomorrow fx for your bfp xxx

Heidi is good news ff says ov has happened fx bd was at the right time x Thanks for the heads up about consultant knowledge will make sure what ever happens I know whats going on although if my memory gets any worse Ill be lucky to remember my own name!

Beth - how are you? you must be at the end of your cycle now fx xxx 

Well I've got my blood test tomorrow so hopefully it wont be too long until I know whats going on, had to pass on a night out so im not hung over ...although Im getting cuddles from Vodka (my cat) so all is good.  My temps are still low and ov is nowhere to be seen on ff currently cd16 (so obviously not going to snap back to 26 day cycles).  I will go back and update list at some point tonight x 

28/12/2011 at 08:08

Hey everyone,

Definitely did bd around the right time even though it was such an effort due to the exhaustion since Xanthe was ill! Hope that effort pays off!

Em - if you have an issue with your thyroid it could affect your ovulation. SHould only take a few days for results to come through. Hope it is all OK.

Heidi x

28/12/2011 at 12:07

Well the day of testing arrived and no surprises it was BFN again. I am starting to think we will never get the BFP that we dream of. Feeling pretty rubbish today. Have an appointment with the consultant at the Fertility clinic on 5th Jan to talk through our options. We might be able to have another couple of goes at IUI if not we will have to go on the waiting list for IVF which will be July at the earliest. Don't think I could feel any more sad than when we think of never having children of our own.

Hope everyone else is in better spirits and enjoyed Christmas and are looking forward to New Year. x

28/12/2011 at 19:56

sorry farmers wife i know that sinking feeling you get when you see a bfn  big hugs hun. dont give up though hun i am sure 2012 will be the year you get a baby  xxx

28/12/2011 at 20:41

Evening Ladies x

Heidi - Good Timing on the bd! fx - Hope the 2ww isnt too long for you x I have had my blood test today, will get results on Friday my temp is still still low and still no ov signs - hoping they find whatever is up and it is quickly and easily fixed x

Farmerswife - really sorry no bfp ((hugs)) the appointment with the consultant will bring more possibilities of future treatments soon.  Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for your 2012 BFP x

Beth - keeping my fx for you x

Jessie - 2ww nearly over for you - hope you still got that fabulous PMA going on - fx af stays away x

Right I got side tracked last night so here goes....

Our TTC Ladies 28/12/2011

Karen - 45 - TTC#9 since July 11 whilst breastfeeding - CD62

Beth M - 29 - TTC #1 since June 08, mc Sept 09, mc June 10, mmc Sept11 - CD31

Heidi - 29 - TTC#2 since Oct 11 - CD27 of 28-39

Farmerswife - TTC since June 08 - CD26 of 26-31

Jessie - 21 - TTC#2 since June 10 - CD26 of 28-32

Em - 33 - TTC#2 since Nov 11 - CD17

Jackie - 21 - TTC#1 since Nov 11 - CD15 of 28-32

Emma - 31 - TTC#2 since July 10, mmc Dec 10 - CD14 of 25-30

Carol - 37 - TTC#5 since Nov 11 - CD8

Lots of baby dust to our ttc ladies!!!

28/12/2011 at 21:43

hey there everyone just dropping in to say hi nothing exciting been happening here gutting out this house as per usual i`m not a hoarder but do manage to accumulate some amount of c**p lol think i`ll take ma christmas tree down tomorrow get the livingroom back into shape and then next week when the kids get back to school need to get my butt back to the gym i`ve been so lazy over the hols not even gonna choose a new years resolution this year they never last just want to be healthy and organised lol oh and happy xxx off to noddy land for a well deserved rest will pop in soon xxx 

29/12/2011 at 08:14

Farmerswife - sorry about BFN. You can still get your baby though, don't give up hope.

Well I am waiting. So boring waiting! Nothing really to go on but temps were quite low and are still only 97.6 so not overly hopeful.

Heidi x

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