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TTC 2011 - a shiny new 'good luck' thread!

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29/12/2011 at 13:04

Hi all.

Hope you all had a great christmas, sorry aint been on much, my daughter's teething with the last 4 back teeth. and also going through terrible 2's lol. Cant wait till end off 2WW. nearly over. Couple more day's. Feeling a bit worried and hoping this is my month of luck as I keep seeing 2 & 3 Magpie's. LOL. When I say to my daughter do you want a brother or sister, she say's Sister. LOL.

(em)  Just wanna say thank's cause you've been so kind to me.

Speak to you all soon. and sending loads & loads of baby dust to all xxx

29/12/2011 at 19:26

Evening ladies xxx

Carol - you have spurred me on I am going to go through the drawers in my coffee table and get rid of all the stuff thats overflowing out of them (...I knew a table with drawers was a bad idea!) good luck with your aspirations for the new year I could do with taking a leaf out of the getting organised book!

Heidi - Hopefully your temps will get higher over the next few days

Jessie - oohh a terible teething two doesnt sound like a great combination - hope shes not in too much discomfort. The magpies may be a sign! Lets hope you get to tell your lil girl she will have a l'il babbles to look forward to x Let us know how you go lovely x 

Beth - hope your quietness is that of joy and af not got you xx

Well me... temps still low BUT I think I'm having ov pains today  been a definate change in cm to will wait to see what ff says in a few days and see if my temps go up some (heres hoping).  Get my blood results tomorrow little bit anxious about it  - hope they will give them over phone as will be in work.  Right off to sort that coffee table x

30/12/2011 at 12:10

Hi all,

LOL Thank's em and will do x

30/12/2011 at 15:44

Hey everyone,

Temps slightly higher today so let's hope they keep rising. Boobs hurt and I am veyr moody so definitely got pre menstrual symptoms too! Also have a random runny nose, have read that can be a sign.

Jessie - hope your daughter feels better. When will you test?

Em - are you actively trying yet or just monitoring? Good luck for tomorrow.

Heidi x

30/12/2011 at 18:31
Hi everyone, Not much to report, got positive on opk on Tuesday so am ovulating today i think. Hope everyone's had a good time! Sorry about the bfn farmers wife - don't give up, it's horrible and I have begun to hate pregnancy tests! But someone told me that ivf works mostly on the 3rd cycle, those people must have been on the baby trail for a while but it just goes to show it does happen - as long as there are options there is a chance. Happy new year celebrations everyone!
30/12/2011 at 20:40

Hi everyone,

(Heidi) If your talking about testing temp's, will do in morning, if not what test do you mean??? also got really sore/swollen Boobs and have been very moody last couple day's.

Hope everything is going well for all x

30/12/2011 at 20:47

Hi all,

Wondering if any one can help...

Iv tryed to upload my photo to profile so I aint a picture of a man in a shadow but it wont come up.

I clicked my pic <<<<<< to the left of screen and uploaded my pic it uploaded but aint coming up.... HELP PLEASE????

31/12/2011 at 08:24


Well temperature has plummeted this morning back down to 96.8 Little early as am only 8or 9 dpo so can hope it is an implantation dip. Had one with xanthe but not this drastic! Boobs really hurt too. MaybeI oved earlier and af is imminent.

Jessie - I meant when would you take a pregnancy test. I think there may be a delay before pictures are shown while they check the images are not inappropriate.

Heidi x

31/12/2011 at 09:28


Heidi! Ohhh sounds sooo promising! I hope it happens reading your post made me smile this morning - 8-9 dpo is smack bang in middle of 6-10dpo period implantation dip happens - Heidi we are trying to try! (not knowing where I am is hampering our efforts) and by this mornings temperature rise (Well its back to normal 36.6 so whether it will be actually be ov yesterday not sure continued getting what I think were ov pains so hopeful).  We should have bd at right time would try again this am but got to go off to work (got a hugh backlog of paperwork been in since wednesday )...Well blood tests all came back normal as per receptionist which is good news so have appointment with Dr in New Year.  Im thinking maybe my original thought about low progesterone is more likely - it would fit too I was on progesterone only pill so my body wouldnt necessarily be used to making so much of it...Just a thought...

Jessie - Heidi is right it takes a little while for your picture to be approved - Are you testing this morning? fx for you lovely xxx

Beth (hugs)...just because

My little neice has had a high reading on one of her healprick tests - shes being retested for congenital hyperthyroidism hopefully it will come back clear the 2nd time and it  will have just been residual levels from mum picked up please all keep your fx for little Halle Isabella xx

Got to shoot to work but will pop back on in a bit xx baby dust to all xx

31/12/2011 at 10:08

Hi everyone,

Heidi & Em - Because my Period is around 2 to 4 day's early every month I was going to leave it a couple more day's. Just dont wanna get my hope's to high. If you know what I mean. I have Had Really sore/swollen boobs for a few week's now and been very moody. cant stop taking silly thing's out on my fiance. Is that a sigh of pregnancy?

xxx Loads of baby dust to all xxx

31/12/2011 at 10:56

Jessie - Thats understandable x sore/swollen bbs is a sign of pg as is moodiness but its also a sign of af due - Unfortunately the only definate sign is the bfp on the test... symptom spotting can be fun and it can give a clue but the symptoms can be misleading i hope that this is it for you and Heidi this cycle xxx Would be lovely to see a bfp on here in the new year xxx

31/12/2011 at 11:44

Jessie - my boobs are sore and I am moody but I was like that last month just before af came so can't read anything into it. But it could be a sign...

I always feel so impatient towards the end. Guessing tomorrow will give a clue because if temperature doesn't go back up I think that is me out.

Heidi x

31/12/2011 at 12:38

Heidi sending postive vibes your way ~~~>>> your temperature will go up tomorrow! xx

31/12/2011 at 14:11

Hi everyone, AF arrived yesterday just as I thought. Got appointment with consultant on Thursay so will just have to wait and see what he suggests and take it from there. We looked up to see if there were any supplements or medication that could be taken to help get rid of the anti-bodies in the sperm, but apparently not or if there is medication is has quite nasty side effects and doesn't always work. It seems that we just have to carry on going down this road. Its so strange not being in control of it all ourselves and having to rely on so much help to get what we want.

As per normal, I've got really bad sciatica today, so trying to take it easy whilst still getting all of the jobs done that need to be done before tomorrow!

Good luck Heidi, I have everything crossed for you x

Em - pleased the blood tests have come back clear for you. Hope you have ov'd and can soon find out where you are x

Hope everyone else is having better luck than us! x

31/12/2011 at 17:27

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year for midnight and let's move on to many BFPs in 2012.

Emma - meant to say good news about the blood tests. Let me know if you find anything out about progesterone. Also hope your niece is alright. Xanthe had to have lots of blood tests when she was little to check her thyroid (had so many because they often couldn't get enough blood out of her tiny veins) but she was OK in the end so fingers crossed.

Farmerswife - sorry af came. It does sound like a hard journey but keep going. When you get your bundle of joy you everything will be worth it. I cannot imagine how tough it is but stay positive 2012 will be your year.

Heidi x

01/01/2012 at 10:08

Good Morning and Happy New 2012!

Heidi   How are you feeling? any symptoms? at 9/10 dpo I had implantation pain, fmu was strong, hot flashes, heart burn, and towards the end of dpo 10 got really itchy! xxx

Farmerswife - Really sorry (hugs) it hasnt worked up until now but you will have more options when you speak to the consultant xxx

My temp has gone up again - hopefully tomorrow ff will decide I have ovd - Will be a big relief as will have a full cycle to be able to give me an idea for next month - not completely out but not that hopeful either xxx

01/01/2012 at 10:39

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM NORTHERN IRELAND  well girls lets make this our year xxx was a quiet hogmanay here a few random fireworks going off was in bed for 2 once the phone stopped ringing lol its a lovely fresh day here gonna get these ones ready and go for a nice walk will pop back on later on have a lovely new years day peeps xxx

01/01/2012 at 13:49

Hello everyone,

Hope your all enjoyed your new year celebrations. My temp has shot back up to 97.90 so feel a little excited. However could have taken my temp wrong or could have been a random dip. Hopefully will know in a couple of days.

Felt very hot last night and this morning Em. Not much otherwise. My boobs have stopped being sore but I do remember with Xanthe that I didn't get the usual af boob soreness.

How is everyone else?

Heidi x

02/01/2012 at 09:52

Good Morning!

Heidi - temps still high I trust! whats your normal LP? when will you test?

Carol - hope you had a lovely NYD x

Jessie - any news??

Well its official I have ov'd  normal lp from before pg 12 days so af should visit 11th January ... unless lp changed? ... unless Im very lucky but im not counting my chickens! In work again today - hopefully will break the back of the paperwork left before it all starts again tomorrow!

02/01/2012 at 14:40

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope you have all recovered from any celebations that may have taken place. We have had a fairly quiet festive period really. Back to work tomorrow so taken the Christmas tree and cards down this morning, I love the house looking all tidy and bigger without the tree up.

Trying to feel positive and look forwards to the appointment with the fertility consultant on Thursday. I have an appointment with the endocrinolgyst tomorrow morning to check that all medication they have me on for Graves' disease is still doing the trick. I seem to spend most of my time at the hospital at the moment. I'm kind of pleased that I'm not on Chlomid this month as it gives my body a bit of a rest from all the medication. AF was very heavy this time and very painful stomach cramps as well as the usual sciatica. Hopefully I'm over the worst of it for this month. I'm hoping the consultant will allow us to have a couple more cycles of IUI whilst putting us on the waiting list for IVF, but don't want to get my hopes up too much. I'll keep you all updated when we've been to see him.

Good look everyone, fingers crossed 2012 will be a good year for all of us xx

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