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TTC 2011 - a shiny new 'good luck' thread!

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02/01/2012 at 16:54

Hello everyone,

Farmerswife - Thursday is not far away. Keep us posted.

Temp still 97.9 this morning so still up. LP is either 11 or 12 days (usually 11, if it's 12 af has arrived in the night. I think I am 11 dpo today, but could maybe be 10dpo, so af should arrive tomorrow in my mind (or hopefully not) or could take till Thursday. I got overexcited and tested this morning even though I knew I shouldn't. BFN. Have been good the past couple of months not testing. My chart looks so promising, steadily rising with just the one dip, but things can play tricks. I know I will be disappointed if af comes.

How is everyone else getting on? Em - did you bd at the right time?

Heidi x

02/01/2012 at 18:55

Hi All And Happy New Year...

EM- Still not dont test yet, fort i wolud wait as i am due on tomorrow but normaly 2 to 4 day's earlie so fort i would have been on by now. Hopefully that's a good sign. I know what you and Heidi mean about the symptom's coz it could mean either. 

Wishing all the ladie's TTC the best of luck for 2012... Cant believe it's here already. 

EM-I'll be back in touch tomorrow night to let you Know if af (period) has arrived. Finger's crossed hopefully not. .    LOL AF doe's mean -period... doesnt is??? Dont wanna make my self look a fool but just need to know.


02/01/2012 at 20:32

Evening all x

Heidi - Is looking so positive - today was too early DPO 13 I would say is earliest if your dip was 9dpo maybe even 14dpo.  Why you not sure what dpo you are? I think i caught it , ov was CD19 bd 16, 18 & 20...took a few months last time ... im not overly hopefull

Jessie - fingers crossed AF (yes it does mean period) stays away and this is your month

Beth - Hope your ok lovely x

jackie/emma - did you catch ov this month? how are you feeling?

Carol - fx for ov

Farmerswife - hope consultant lets you carry on IUI xx

Our TTC Ladies 2/1/12

Karen - 45 - TTC#9 since July 11 whilst breastfeeding - CD67

Beth M - 29 - TTC#1 since June 08, mc Sept 09, mc June 10, mmc Sept 11 - CD36

Heidi - 29 - TTC#2 since Oct 11 - CD32 of 28-39

Jessie - 21 - TTC#2 since June 10 - CD31 of 28-32

Em - 33 - TTC'2 since Nov 11 - CD22

Jackie - 21 - TTC#1 since Nov 11 - CD20 of 28-32

Emma - 31 - TTC#2 since July 10, mmc Dec 10 - CD19 of 25-30

Carol - 37 - TTC#5 since Nov11 - CD13

Farmerswife - TTC since June 08 - CD4 of 26-31

Lots of Baby Dust to our ttc ladies!!!

Would be lovely to get a few bps all in a row and start 2012 with a bang!! This is going to be everyones year xxx

03/01/2012 at 07:05


Well my temp was up to 98.2 this morning so very excited! FF says it looks like a triphasic pattern - have never had one before!

Em - I know it was too early to test. I just get so excited I can't sleep well and thought if I could just know... I'm not sure exactly when I oved because it was when Xanthe was ill. I therefore took my temp twice on the 22nd and if I use the early temp it says ov was the 23rd but if I use later temp it says ov was the 22nd. I went with the 22nd because that is when I think it was from the cm.

Jessie - fingers crossed both our afs stay away then. Was expecting mine for today, but it could arrive in the next day or so. If nothing comes by Thursday it looks good for me

I'll be gutted if this is not my month, So impatient now...

Heidi x

03/01/2012 at 10:34

fingers crossed heidi  x

03/01/2012 at 11:00

Hey all,

Heidi - looking soo promising! can you post a link to your ff page - heard of but not seen a triphasic pattern before! What the %'s of a triphasic pattern being +/-? I see what you mean about the ov date - difficult one to call...when will you re-test?

Jessie - how are you? Hope AF not showing up x

Cant settle into work today - office is so noisy - I work better in silence!

03/01/2012 at 12:29

Here's the link to my chart.

Fertility friend says that the frequency of triphasic charts for pregnancy charts is 12.46%, but only 4.47% in non-pregnancy charts so having one is more commonly linked to pregnancy.

Am very hot a lot and yesterday could really smell the gherkins at my parents which made me feel ill. Though I think dh could also smell them!

May test tomorrow if temp is still up...

Heidi x

03/01/2012 at 13:09

Im soo excited for you Heidi - those %'s are encouraging too... I will be logging in 1st thing tomorrow im keeping fingers and toes crossed for you x

03/01/2012 at 14:47
Hi ladies, I was on here end of 2009, early 2010 before getting my bfp after a mc in February. My lovely little boy arrived in October. I just wanted to wish all the ladies here all the best for 2012, I really hope this is the year you all get your much longed for sticky bfps. Love to you all xxx
03/01/2012 at 15:14
Hi ladies, Emma has written on one of posts to join you all here. I'm 23 in a stable relationship, getting married in July, owns own home and myself any my partner both have good full time jobs. We have been trying to conceive for 6 months now, January being the 7th but have had no luck myself and my partner are in good health and he is 27 years old. I fell pregnant three years ago, this pregnancy was not planned but I suffered complications early on and miscarried. Ever since then I've longed for a baby but wanted to get my career and house going first. After the miscarriage no gp or dr at the hospital carried out any check ups etc other than a scan and we are worried now should anything of happened that will be effecting our chances. We are both booked in to see our gps on Monday however we are sure they will just tell us to keep trying. Each month when my period arrives I feel disappointed and at the moment everywhere we look people are pregnant or having children's, I even swear the tv adverts are taunting us. I no people try for a lot longer than six months but it's driving us mad. We are charting etc, I just do not know what else to try. Regards x
03/01/2012 at 19:00

Hi Rach Many congratulations! is lovely to hear of one of our success stories! May 2012 be filled with many joys x

Hi Tinybride, Im sorry you have had a mc I cant imagine the sense of loss you must have felt. (hugs) xx If you had a scan and the dr was satisfied at the time its unlikely that  there would be anything effecting your chances now... Congratulations on your upcomming wedding will be such a fabulous day and something fantastic to look forward to, have you got everything organised dress etc?? Do you use fertility friend to chart or are you doing it manually? (if you want to join an easy way would be to click on the link heidi posted above and join that way) How long are your cycles? where abouts are you now?

Beth/Jessie - you ok? x


03/01/2012 at 19:40
Hi Emma, Yes everything is sorted for the wedding just waiting for the big day to arrive. I am using all different apps on my I phone and all of them tell me different days that I am fertile an when I ovulate. I have just ordered some more ovulation tests and they should be here soon. I have yesterday finishedy period which was 3 days long, however the days between my cycles have not been the same. I came on the 31st october, 30th November and then the 31st December. Regards Lauren
03/01/2012 at 20:18

From that info it looks like you have had 2 30 day cycles. Your cycles start 1st day of AF(period) and go to day before next af.  Your next af would be due 30th Jan (but hopefully not x) if your luteal phase (the period from ovulation to the last day of your cycle is 14 days (this is the norm but they can be shorter))then your ovulation this month will be 16th January.  Your luteal phase generally stays the same each cycle so come the next cycle when you have a pattern its easier to bd on ov. I would defnately bd 15th&16th.  To be sure you have ovulated I would reccommend fertility friend and would stick to the one programme for charting.  please stay and let us know how you get on - if you would like we will put your information on our list the next time it gets updated x sorry if im giving you information you already know x

03/01/2012 at 23:33

Hi ladie's,

Very disappointing new's AF ARRIVED THIS MORNING WITH A VENGEANCE!!! GUTTED... guess this just was not my month. Well hopefully better luck next time hay...

Feeling so down... any way how's every one else doing... Any luck any one!!! Like EM said it would be nice for some good new's this year at least for one of us. But Even Better New's If We Was All To Finally Get The Special Little Bundle Of Joy (Baby) We Have All Been TTC.

...2012 HAS GOT TO BE OUR YEAR... 

I dont think im ovulating every month,(Meaning Not At All) Something must be wrong... My temp's never change, always the same. Think im gonna get another appointment with doc and speed thing's up. Any advice???

xXx Sending Load's & Load's Of Baby Dust & Luck To All The TTC Ladie's xXx

04/01/2012 at 07:45

Hello everyone,

Jessie - sorry af came. If you think your temps aren't rising I would definitely go and see a doctor. Plenty of 2012 left though for those BFPs!

Tinybride - do you monitor your cervical mucus? I find this is the best indicator of when I ovulate. I have irregular cycles (though they seem to have calmed down since having Xanthe) and keep going until I ewcm is gone and I see a sustained thermal shift on my chart. I tried for 5 months with Xanthe and realise in hindsight that did not bd at the best time for the first couple of months so weren't maximising our chances. I also bded daily for the run up to ov when I did conceive, every other day doesn't seem to do it for me! I remember being so depressed when we tried for Xanthe and although 5 months wasn't that long I was so down and cried a lot but it did work so keep going. If you do have worries see your doctor though.

Well temp has gone down this morning to 97.6 which is annoying but I did have a very interrupted night as I needed the loo and had to tend to Xanthe. Still no af so still in with a chance. Took a test in the night and dh and I both think there is a very faint line but it is very very faint. I did have this when I was pregnant with Xanthe too - when I haven't been pregnant I haven't seen anything. So fingers crossed!

Heidi x

04/01/2012 at 10:39

Jessie ((hugs)) sorry af has turned up - I agree if your temps are not rising you need to speak to a doctor - take your charts with you and make sure they know how long you have been trying.

Heidi - sounding sooo positive! If you tested in the night you would only have been 3 daysish past implantation hcg takes 3-4 to build up to register significant levels - but a line is a line however feint! You retesting tomorrow to confirm for yourself? lots and lots of sticky baby dust xxxxx

Im having a hideous day in work only been in ah hour and a half - Courts and Bailiffs - I HATE THEM! sorry to temp has dipped below the coverline dpo 5 (confident its not imlantation dip as too early) but thinking maybe ov hasnt happened ff may have mistaken my temps going back to normal as ov and this is ov - getting twinges, body more tingly, and there is a change in cm...going to bd tonight just incase...I hate not knowing where I am!

04/01/2012 at 13:25


Em I know I should wait to test but I never have patience! FF have changed the mind about me oving before especially if I have had rocky temps so best bd to be safe!

I keep weeing all the time. Didn't really get that last time but could be a sign. Also had heartburn yesterday and the day before. Didn't get that early in pregnancy last time but think I have only ever experienced heartburn when pregnant. Just want to know now. Have looked again at the test and am sure there is a line but it is so so faint... If only I was a more patient person!

Heidi x

04/01/2012 at 14:04

Heidi, frequent loo trips definately a sign and heartburn too hope the rest of today goes really quickly for you so you can test tomorrow am with fmu xx Yeah plan is to bd again tonight dh doesnt know yet ..hey ho! but if this is the real ov how long is my cycle going to be , or maybe this is pms before af - if so reaally short LP - I hate not knowing whats going on...

Farmerswife - will be thinking about you tomorrow x

Lets get to tomorrow and we shall be a little bit more informed x fx Heidi x

04/01/2012 at 14:45
Heidi - I'm unsure with what I'm looking for really of I'm honest in regards to the mucus I just feel so terrible about not being pregnant and know that it should happen one day but tired of waiting, it doesn't help I'm not a patient person I've just read your comment about you testing and I tested early back in September as I felt out of sorts, two lines came back but then my period reared it's ugly head, I hope this is different for you however and look forward to reading the results Lauren x
04/01/2012 at 16:59

Lauren - Cervical mucus goes watery and stretchy (like egg whites) when you are fertile. When we were trying for Xanthe I was not very good at judging the mucus but I now know what fertile mucus is like for me so you'll probably get the hang of it too. I was expecting my af yesterday or today though could possibly be tomorrow so am not testing early in that respect but my luteal phase is short. Was only testing with cheap tesco brand too, maybe need to splash out on first response. If af shows up tomorrow at least I'll know I suppose.

Em - dhs don't usually mind unexpected bding  Sure it will become clear what is going on and you have only recently stopped breast feeding so you might take a little time to return to normal. Is 5dpo impossible for an implantation dip?

Heidi x

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