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TTC after DVT

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24/01/2008 at 16:22

Hi everyone

 I am coming off the pill in 3 days time (woohoo) very excited but very very nervous, I suffered a severe DVT in my leg during my first pregnancy at about 6 months, (sorry if this is upsetting to anyone) only just got to the hospital in time before it took my life and my unborn son) Dont worry though were both fine now!

It was exremely painful, worse than labour infact and was on crutches for the last 3 months of my pregnancy as well as daily injections of heparin.

I know it can be controlled this time but I am so nervous and wondering if anyone else has been through this twice and can give me advice.

I fell pregnant with my 1st child by accident (wouldnt change him for the world now, hes 5) after 1 missed pill so hopefully same will happen again squite quickly so could appreciate any help


x Claire x

05/12/2011 at 19:03
Hi Claire, I had a severe dvt 5 years ago, noone knows why. We are just looking into wether I can have a baby, the risks etc. Have been told I would be on low molecular weight heperine throughout. I just wondered when you posted this? Are you pregnant, how is it? Would greatly appreciate your thoughts as don't want to clot again! Thank you, A.
05/12/2011 at 20:35

wow I posted this some time ago!

I had my son (and my DVT) in 2002! I have since had a daughter in 2008 and another daughter this May (2011)

I also had a severe DVT and only just made it, I spent the remainder of my first pregnancy on Heparin and being unable to walk so was obviously  very worried about my next pregnany hence the post.

On my 2nd pregnancy I went on the heparin/tinzaparin as a precaution, one injection everyday until I gave birth and regular check ups for platelet counts etc. The birth was a planned induction so they could monitor me closely. Unfortunately this ended in complications, but nothing to do with the DVT and baby was fine

On my 3rd pregnancy I was started on the Tinzaparin at 6 weeks and had 2 injections every day throughout the pregnancy and for 6 weeks after this time.

For this delivery, I decided on a planned C-Section due to the complications last time. (I still ended up with complications) again, nothing to do with DVT.

There is no reason why you couldnt go on to have a normal pregnancy and delivery, its just me, I am not good at being pregnant and giving birth!

Good luck


12/04/2012 at 21:38

Hello I am a doctor And All I have to say is Get alot of excersise and you wont have Deep Vain thrombosis And All you need to worry is for the clot to travel up towards your lungs to block off your oxygen if that happens you know what Just keep doing what your doctor says and Do alot of work out and running and dont sit in the same positoin all the time thats 100% a way of getting it Thanks for reading 

Dr. O brien Ireland CUH Hospital Good luck i wish you all my luck Bye!

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