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ttc age 38 some confusing stuff!

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19/04/2012 at 16:47

well im ttc my fourth child ( will be my fifth pg as i had miscarriage before my middle child) and its taking ages! we both been checked my hormones are fine and i got plenty time left in my eggs wihich are both good signs. we are gonna be referred to subfertility just in case cos im in my late thirties. 

anyway, this month i used digi ovulation test for first time. i norm use clear blue monitor, did for a few months last yr and then didnt bother for a bit and just used manual ov tests. 

this month i used both digi tests and clear blue monitor. 

thing is two or so days ago i got a pos smiley face. it only lasted 36 hrs and norm my pos ov tests last for days. and its quite a pain, also the monitor didnt give me a peak only a high which i never had before, hence im v confused!  ( would you say that the fact it lasted 36 hrs means that now the egg has been released? im now two or three days on. we made love on pos ovulation test day not the day before but the consecutive  three days before that! we never norm try this hard to be honest! But after fourteen months I thought we should!!

This month for first time i took evening primrose supplement too. could this be anythin to do with difference?

Oh yes and btw this month I got sore nipples when i ovulated which i NEVER GET...

why would all this be and what is going on? like i said im in late thirties and am in bit of rush to extend the family and need some good old advice!

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