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29/10/2011 at 12:30

hi i was on the pill cerezette for 4 years and stopped taking the pill july 2011 this year. i have had 3 periods but not regular cycles, am at end of 3rd period nearly, and i started taking folic acid 13th september 2011 this year. how long will it take to get pregnant? how long did it take for people to concieve after stopping this pill? and does follic acid help trying to concieve? xx and help will be great thanks, as me and my partener really want a baby. 

30/10/2011 at 01:21


It is really hard to say how long it will take to conceive, it is completely normal to take up to 12months for a healthy couple to conceive (some even longer but some a lot less!) Taking folic acid won't necesarily help you to get pregnant but it is vitally important that you do take it whilst ttc as the neural tubes are formed withing the first few weeks of pregnancy and taking folic acid helps prevent defects such as spina bifida. 

The best advice I can give is to keep a note of your cycle, look out for changes in cervical mucous (your cervical mucous should become slippery like eggwhites when you are most fertile - this helps the swimmers get to where they need to be!) As you have only recently come off the pill your cycle may take a little while to become regular, just keep having lots of sex - especially around mid cycle when you get the fertile cervical mucous! Come and join us on the ttc 2011 thread - thre are a few of us on there trying so you can talk about any concerns or ask any questions on there!


30/10/2011 at 09:06

ok i will thank you. xxx

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